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Become a Youth Verified™ Organisation

Youth Verified™ is a new verification status, evaluating the readiness of companies, organisations & education establishments to attract, support, and retain a future-focused youth workforce.

How does it work


Get Started

Send us a message to say you would like to find out more information about how your company can become Youth Verified™.


Meet the Youth Lab

We will send over a Youth Verified™ digital starter application for relevant team members to complete then get to work to help you to become Youth Verified™.


Access, share and engage with young people

After we have received your results back from the Youth Lab, we will transparently share the results back with you and our recommended next steps.

Why is this important?

In a recent survey, The Youth Group found that 66% of young people feel employers are ill-prepared for attracting and supporting young people, and will skip getting involved if they don't believe the company has a culture that works for youth. The goal of Youth Verified™ is to give young people improved transparency when choosing a company to work for, or get involved with.

A young person aged 18-30 can be sure that any company to carry The Youth Group’s Youth Verified™ ‘tick’ has been through a rigorous step by step vetting process, and has made a commitment to engaging, recruiting, and supporting youth.

Enterprise Feedback

The Benefits

Employer Brand

Improves the attractiveness of your employer brand to young people.

Showcases your employer brand in our community to attract the best young talent from a more diverse background.


Gives you access to a long-term source of diverse, young talent to work at your company.

Showcases your roles to young people who know you care about them.

Maximises on your apprenticeship levy.


Showcases that you’re a Youth Verified™ company to over 1.7 million young people.

Share your youth-related activities with our young people.

Gives you opportunity to harness and engage youthful energy and enthusiastic young people which will help fuel competitiveness for your company.

Learning & Development

Gives your company insight into the future of work and young people’s expectations.

Provides advice on what to do next to connect more effectively with youth audiences.

Shares confidential feedback on how young people perceive your company.

Companies we work with

In case you
missed anything

All companies, charities and government departments across the world are welcome to contact us and become Youth Verified™.

Becoming Youth Verified™ takes between 14-30 days depending on a number of factors including where you are in your youth journey and where the areas of improvements are.

We run a number of youth tests in our youth lab. There’s lots of science and art that goes into the process which we share through the process.

We leave no one behind. We will work with you in the background to help you become Youth Verified™ even if that takes a little longer than our 14-30 days.

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