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We have access to a diverse community of young people in our community ready to work for your enterprise.

About Youth Recruit

Youth Recruit is a youth recruitment service to help enterprises identify, match and onboard the most relevant young people for their open vacancies, meaningful work experience placements, and apprenticeship schemes to save businesses precious time in pre-qualification.

This is under-pinned by our vast database of young people where we collect a unique profile and various data attributes.

Our Community

We have access to a diverse community of young people that we work with to help thrive in today’s world.


Our Community is made up of 1.7 Million young people

Age 18 - 30

Our Community is made up of 18 to 30 year olds.


Diverse young people from a range of backgrounds.

Why is this important?

The future world of work post COVID-19 is changing very quickly.
It’s critical for business leaders to understand that large-scale shifts are changing how people work and how business gets done. The workplace needs to be modern, digital, but first and foremost diverse.

75% of the global workforce will be young people by 2025.

133M new jobs in the worldwide labour market will require a high degree of proficiency in digital skills.

Companies need to invest in finding and recruiting the best talent for the future.

Young people play an important role in this change however recruiting diverse young people to join your workforce has never been so difficult for companies.

How does it work


Get Started

Send us a message to say you would like to find out more information about how your company can work with us to recruit youth.


The Approach

We will review your needs to recruit youth and come up with a bespoke youth-first approach for your company against the criteria set by our conversation.


Recruit Youth

We will action the delivery to recruit youth based on the criteria and action plan we have set out to achieve to enabling young people thrive in today’s world.

We are super pleased to be recognised as a place where young people can realise their potential, have fun and feel like part of a family. Seeing people grow is a wonderful thing. Thanks Jack and team.

Andrea Wareham

Chief People Officer @Pret A Manger

The Benefits

Working with us to recruit youth has many benefits to your company from a social, strategy and commercial standpoint.

Gives you access to a long-term source of diverse, young talent to work at your company.

Save time. We find you the best young people for you to meet at the interview stage.

Have youth employment experts supporting you find young people.

Showcases your roles to young people who know you care about them.

Maximises on your apprenticeship levy.


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Youth development is working with young people to help them prepare for adulthood and achieve their full potential.

By listening to their needs and giving them fair chances. If we trust youth and help them flourish naturally, they will learn how to think creatively and how to solve problems instead of looking for the easiest solutions.

By giving them specific, real life tasks and supervision. That helps them learn and take responsibility for things that matter. They also receive feedback that helps them grow.