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Youth Ready Employers

Welcome to this exciting free toolkit designed for everyday leaders, teams of people, and line managers to improve attracting, engaging and retaining young people in the workplace.

About Youth Ready Employers

The Youth Ready Employers best practice guide has been designed by us in partnership with young people and enterprise.

The tools acknowledge that if business is to benefit from the availability of young people to the workforce there may be some ingrained behaviours and practices employers may need to change in order to attract the youth of today to their workplace.

Offical Launch

Benefits for employers

There are a number of benefits with our youth ready employers free toolkit. Plus it's free, so what's not to like about becoming a youth ready employer!

Learning and development for your line managers to better engage with your young employees. Easy steps to ingrained behaviours and practices you may need to change in order to attract the youth of today to their workplace.

Get quick advice on a number of key components when it comes to hiring young people . Learn the art of retaining young people in a meaningful way


With thanks to the Ministry of Social Development and Auckland Chamber we are able to provide this resource free for all New Zealand employers.