Modern Slavery Statement

Last updated: 13/09/2022

Why do we need to make this statement?

The UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 (MSA) is designed to tackle slavery and for
organisations to ensure that modern slavery does not take place within their
businesses. Section 54 of the MSA also requires commercial organisations which meet
certain criteria such as carrying on a business in the UK and exceeding global turnover
of £36 million to publish an anti-slavery and human trafficking statement each financial

Youth Group is committed to combating slavery and will strive to ensure that no part of its business engages in, facilitates or in some other way supports human trafficking or slavery. The purpose of this statement is to confirm that we comply with the MSA, affirm our approach to modern slavery and provide an overview of the steps we take to ensure that we ensure our approach is applied in practice. Although this statement is a UK requirement, we apply the same practices globally.

In addition to complying with applicable laws, Youth Group has implemented procedures for ensuring its suppliers do not engage in any form of modern slavery. This includes performing background checks on all new suppliers and reviewing their records periodically thereafter; requiring suppliers to provide evidence of compliance with relevant laws and regulations; and requiring suppliers to maintain appropriate records regarding their employees' terms and conditions of employment as well as any complaints against them. Youth Group also requires its suppliers to conduct internal audits of their supply chains at least annually in order to identify any risks or vulnerabilities with respect to human trafficking or slavery.

Our Approach to Human Rights and Modern Slavery

Youth Group is committed to ensuring that we do not engage in any activity which may go against our stance on human rights or modern slavery. We have a number of controls in place to ensure that this is the case, some of which are outlined below.

We use a number of suppliers which provide professional services such as legal advice, consultancy services and accounting services. We also use suppliers who provide hardware and software, including computer equipment, software licences, verification services and cloud-based data storage services.

As an internet-based payment technology business, with the majority of our suppliers being software and professional service providers, our human rights and modern slavery risk profile is relatively low. Nevertheless, all suppliers are subject to our Supplier and outsourcing policy. This requires that all vendors are vetted and subject to due diligence which varies depending on their risk categorisation.

At Youth Group, we believe that acting with integrity is the key to achieving your goals.

This is why we have a core value of acting with integrity. This means that we will act with integrity in everything we do as a company, from how we interact with our employees, to how we operate within our supply chains.

We also believe that human rights are important, which is why we will not tolerate any violations of human rights or modern slavery in any of our supply chains or business relationships. If Youth Group detects that a party which it has a relationship with is committing human rights or modern slavery offences, we will terminate our relationship with the entity immediately.

We are committed to the protection of human rights and modern slavery concerns in our supply chain, and we ensure that all of our suppliers, merchants, and other parties are aware of their responsibilities to respect human rights.

Any such concerns can be reported via the support centre portal, and we promise to investigate them fully.

On September 13th, 2022, Jack Parsons, Youth Group's Board of Directors, signed this statement on behalf of the Board of Directors. The Youth Group is committed to addressing and preventing modern slavery within our business and supply chains.

This statement is a declaration of our commitment to make a positive difference in the world today and every day forward.