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Brand Partnership Group


Working in partnership with Youth Group from

November 2021

to help young people thrive.

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Brand Partnership Group

's social focus


Key youth partner


We're so delighted to be working with Youth Group as our key youth partner over the last 2 years on creating wins for young people across our business.

Andrew Leaver
Brand Partnership Group

Brand Partnership Group

's partnership goals

Become Youth Verified

As a people and recruitment partner to some of the worlds most loved brands, we share The Youth Groups’ passion towards enabling young people to access better life and career mentorship and support.

Youth Wins

One of our strategic goals is to increase access to skills for young people. As part of this goal, we plan to collaborate with a Youth Group to offer one million opportunities for young people to receive guidance through our "duvet flip" program.

Breakfast Sessions

We aim to collaborate and support a Youth Group to engage more companies in investing, supporting, and engaging with young people. Our goal is to bring more organizations to the table to take action and make a positive impact on the lives of youth.