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You shouldn’t be left without support to navigate the world of work so we will support as much or as little as you like.

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We know that it's hard to find a job, and we know that it's even harder to find one when you don't have the skills or experience to back up your CV.

That's why we created Youth Space®, which is dedicated to helping young people as you win at their goals. We'll help you build your skills and get the experience you need in order to land a job in today's competitive market.

We know how much time and effort goes into getting a job, so we've made it as simple, easy, and fun as possible for you with little time commitment so you can get the best jobs, mentors, money powers, and skills.

young people, we've helped win with work, mentors, and skills.

* We are about helping young people win

young people want a second mentoring session after meeting one of our mentors.

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average time it takes to create a Youth Space® account

* Based on the all young people in our community

You'll meet good companies.

700+ businesses rely on Youth Space® to build trust with young people.

With the current confusing and outdated approach of finding opportunities, young people struggle to navigate what they have at their fingertips. This is where Youth Space® comes in.

Youth Space® collects all the opportunities available for young people and puts them all into one platform that is engaging and easy to navigate. These opportunities could be new skills, money powers, mentoring sessions or jobs, all available on Youth Space®.

Personalised to you.

Our unique algorithm ensures that only relevant opportunities appear on your feed on Youth Space®. This saves you time sifting through things you don’t want, and makes it easier to see the opportunities you’re interested in! We've designed this system so that the jobs you see are the ones that match your skills, interests, and experience.

We also take into account your location and preferences, so even if there aren't any positions available right now where you live, we'll keep an eye out for something that might work for you. So whether you're looking for a summer internship or just want advice on starting a business of your own, we've got everything in one place—and it's all easy to find.

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Ernst and Young EY's London Offices where Youth Group host virtual metaverse early careers events
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Get a job.

We make it easy to find great jobs at some of the best companies that are Youth Verified® and care about young people and their progression.
Youth Group says:

A 2022 approach to finding opportunities for young people.

Each employee can access their Youth Mentors® dashboard to see upcoming sessions and requests. mentoring dashboard to see upcoming sessions and mentoring requests. We measure each sessions outcome and broker confidence in young people for you to download and  share the results with stakeholders.

Young people choose the date and time for the sessions with their mentors via our digital booking system.
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Need some help finding the direction you want to take your career in? On Youth Space®, you can meet a mentor digitally who can help you, no matter what stage of your career you’re in. This gives you a real professional to learn from that works for a youth employer of choice, helping you to develop new skills and connections.

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As Youth Group works closely with over 700 mega companies and 13,500 mentors, there’s no better place to find your to learn new skills, gain experience and land a job than Youth Space®.

Videos to inspire

You've heard it before: young people need motivation and want to get inspired, but lack inspiration from real models that are everyday people rather than celebrities that are out of reach. But what if you could be inspired by someone who's been there?

Someone who has a story to tell, who has survived the pitfalls of work and come out the other side with something valuable to share?That's exactly what My Duvet Flip® is doing this season! We're bringing you stories from leaders who have been there and done it—people who can help give you the push you need to pursue your dreams.

Each spotlights focus on a theme and meets with four top successful leaders on the subject matter hosted by Jack Parsons who puts the guests knowledge to the test has they help break down the world of work and life into step tangible bitesize actions.
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My Duvet Flip®.

What makes you flip that duvet in the morning?It's a question we all ask ourselves. And if you're anything like us, you've probably found that there are many answers to this question. You may have different reasons for getting out of bed each morning, but one thing is for sure: it's not always easy to do so.