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Youth Group says:

Hire unlimited
diverse young people with
Youth Recruit®.

Get help to recruit and retain young people who want to work for your company.

It’s so much

Youth Recruit® gives you unlimited reach to diverse talent for all your active and future youth opportunities. Jobs with Youth Recruit® allows you to define, search, and hire all young people that match your requirements for any of your job opportunities, whether you’re hiring 1 or 100 young people. Our technology processes applications on your behalf through 25 million youth insights and automation, rather than manual emails back and forth.

Features include unlimited video showcase submissions, auto-feedback notifications, and engagement reminders to reduce drop-off.

youth insights on our community of young people.

* Focused on stage not age methodology

young people who are part of our community.

* Based on registered community

young people we have successful supported
into work.

* Since incorporation in 2019

Completely customisable hiring journey with 360 wrap around support from our Youth Recruit® experts.

Our hiring journeys are designed to be as flexible as possible, so you can adapt them to suit your needs. We'll work with you to create a process that works for your company's culture and brand identity, whether that means using a series of multiple-choice questions or letting candidates submit cover letters and resumes in their own time. Our experts can help you create youth-first job descriptions, write a winning application form, choose the most suitable interview questions and even offer advice on how to handle any tricky conversations that may arise during an interview with young people.

Great opportunity for your hiring managers to login, post an opportunity and see the applications roll on in. Zero learning curve needed.

The best recruitment teams are the ones that are aligned in the approach and focus. Youth Recruit® ensures your team are on track and in sync with each other so you can focus on listening to what youth want. Hear. There. Everywhere.

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Start quickly.

It only takes
1 working day to get
Youth Recruit®.
  • 1

    Create an account
  • 2

    Upload job opportunities
  • 3

    Receive unlimited applications
Ernst and Young EY's London Offices where Youth Group host virtual metaverse early careers events
Youth Group says:

Diversity, equity and inclusion.

If you really want to make a difference, you have to go beyond the surface and make sure you have a plan for making real change, we’ve built strategies on how to deliver real results.

Understand the demographics, personalities and interests of young people in our community to tailor your search.


Success rate of
each job

*Based on 500 businesses
  • 49%
    * Community are female
  • 56%
    *From low socioeconomic or minority backgrounds
  • 148,073
    * Open to work
Community Size
* Youth Group community
Youth Group says:

A 2022 approach
to a digital-first youth solution.

Each hiring manager can access the Youth Recruit® platform to post jobs, receive candidates and send a mentoring dashboard to see upcoming sessions and mentoring requests. We measure each sessions outcome and broker confidence in young people for you to download and  share the results with stakeholders.

Set availability for via our digital booking system for applicants to book interviews or other screening processes with you .
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The best part is, the interviews will take place on familiar platforms like google meets, zoom and microsoft teams that you likely already use both at home and at work. You won't need to download anything or go through any new training.

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With 25 million youth insights, Youth Group keeps you centred on your milestones and objectives by aligning Youth Recruit® to what matters most with your recruitment goals, like diversity and inclusion.

Our enterprise talent solutions.

We work with you to create a process that ensures candidates are ready for your company, and understand what makes your culture unique. Our team will also help you identify the best locations for these candidates to be introduced to other employees in-person, so they feel welcome from day one.

We want you to make sure that every candidate feels like they're part of something special, and we know how important it is for them to feel connected from the moment they walk through your door!We'll also work with you on creating a comprehensive onboarding process that will leave no room for questions when new hires start their jobs—and we'll make sure they hit the ground running by offering training sessions during their first week on the job!
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More engagement.

The average engagement of businesses that have Youth Recruit® is 63% better than their competitors, meaning you’ll see more engagement from young people through recruitment journeys.