Speedy partners with Youth Group to work towards becoming Youth Verified®

The UK’s leading construction equipment hire and services provider Speedy employing c3500 employees, has partnered with the tech for good company Youth Group to work towards becoming Youth Verified®, the UK's largest youth verification network, powered by youth group

Youth Verified®

Youth Group (which is the UK's largest community of young people) has approved Speedy to start the process towards becoming a Youth Verified® organisation join the UK's largest youth verification network, powered by youth group

Speedy Services partners with youth group to become youth verified through youth verification with quote left by Leon Marseglia and Ellie Armour

What is Youth Verified®?

Youth Verified® is a verification status and process developed by Youth Group with the support of one of the largest endorsed consultancy companies in the world alongside over 2,000 young people.

Youth Verified® was created to breakdown and understand how 'youth-first' an organisation truly is when it comes to the wants, needs and challenges of young people in the UK.

Over 300 companies have successfully become Youth Verified® with Youth Group and now Speedy joins the list of working towards Youth Verified®.

They will undertake the THRIVE formula that has been developed which is the underlining science behind what makes Youth Verified® work.

Learn more about Youth Verified® here


Who are Speedy?

Speedy are the UK’s leading equipment hire and services provider operating in the construction, infrastructure and industrial sectors. Their People First agenda, which has seen an increased focus on people engagement and people development - specifically a commitment and investment in early careers positions, was launched last year as a central strand of their growth strategy.

Speedy brings a unique approach to the hire industry - the ‘Speedy Spirit’, which creates a genuine family feel, making it a great place to work.

They decided to work towards becoming Youth Verified® because they recognised the value of growing their own talent for the future, harnessing the existing experience and expertise within the business to pass to younger employees and apprentices looking to develop their careers in the business.

Some interesting facts about Speedy…

  • Speedy are going to double the number of early careers roles this year.

  • They have 100 of their colleagues on high potential programmes.

  • They have three internal committees aimed at improving their social agenda; PLUS (People Like Us), EDI and Wellbeing. All of these groups are focused on ensuring colleagues can bring their whole selves to work, building a diverse and unique Speedy family.

  • They have 40 people on internal mentoring programmes to support career development.

  • In their ‘Decade to Deliver’ sustainability programme, they aim to be net-zero carbon before the UK governments target of 2050, and they pride themselves on leading the way within their industry in becoming a more sustainable business.

What will Youth Verified® bring to Speedy?

Once Speedy has completed the rigorous and in-depth Youth Verified® process, they will successfully become and be announced as Youth Verified® to our 1.7million youth community and corporate partners.

This builds trust contracts with young people as currently trust is not being seen with employers in the eyes of youth today.

Young people actively looking for opportunities in our community will then be granted access to Speedy for jobs, programmes, bootcamps, events and everything else that Speedy offers young people.

On average, our Youth Verified® partners see a 120% increase in applications from young people aged 18-30, once they have successfully become Youth Verified®.


Hear from the brand champions supporting Youth Verified®

Ellie Armour, Chief People Officer at Speedy Services:

Working with Youth Group provides a great opportunity for us to showcase our exciting career opportunities to a more diverse range of people. Equally it is a brilliant way for us to expand our Speedy family with new talent who may not have considered the hire industry before. It will bring different skill sets and perspectives that can strengthen our business to help us build for the future.

Leon Marseglia, Chief Operating Officer at Youth Group:

We are delighted that youth group has partnered with Speedy Services, an organisation that before we started, had showcased their kindness and focus on supporting young people. Everyone the team and I have had the pleasure to engage with at Speedy have been superstars. We are looking forward to having Speedy Services become a youth verified® brand.