PRET A MANGER raises pay to over £10 an hour for 6,900 employees following becoming Youth Verified®

Pret, who've successfully become Youth Verified® by The Youth Group is investing over £9.2 million in frontline colleagues, with the company’s ‘happy teams and happy customers’ value as a major pillar of its transformation strategy

Youth Verified®

8,000 Pret Team Members to receive pay increase from £9.40 to up to £10.15 per hour from April 2022, with more than 85% receiving at least £10 per hour

Mystery Shopper bonus to increase by 25% to £1.25 per hour, taking it above £1 for first time for the company

Investment marks Pret’s biggest pay and benefits increase in its 36-year history, forming part of Pret’s global transformation strategy to diversify the business, and acknowledging the success of Pret’s Coffee Subscription

What is Youth Verified®?

Youth Verified® is a verification status and process developed by The Youth Group with the support of one of the largest endorsed consultancy companies in the world alongside over 2,000 young people.

Youth Verified® was created to breakdown and understand how 'youth-first' an organisation truly is when it comes to the wants, needs and challenges of young people in the UK.

Over 300 companies have successfully become Youth Verified® with The Youth Group including Pret.

Learn more about Youth Verified® here


The changes, which represent an investment of £9.2 million in Pret’s frontline colleagues, recognise the resilience, hard work and dedication of Pret’s Shop Teams through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pret Team Members have been the cornerstone of the business’s success over the past three decades, and as Pret’s transformation strategy moves into a new phase, the business is investing in pay and benefits to build on the progress made since 2020. This approach is also being rolled out globally across Pret’s markets outside of the UK.

Who are Pret?

Pret a Manger are a leading organisation in the retail industry.

They decided to become Youth Verified® with The Youth Group because they understand the importance of young people in today's world and want to create a meaningful, inclusive and youth-first place for young people to work, learn and thrive.


Global hearts, local minds

Enabling young people to thrive in today’s world.