Pret a Manger partners with The Youth Group to work towards becoming Youth Verified®

Pret a Manger which is a retail business with 4500+ employees has partnered with the tech for good company The Youth Group to work towards becoming Youth Verified®.

Youth Verified®

The Youth Group (which is the UK's largest community of young people) has approved Pret a Manger to start the process towards becoming a Youth Verified® organisation.

What is Youth Verified®?

Youth Verified® is a verification status and process developed by The Youth Group with the support of one of the largest endorsed consultancy companies in the world alongside over 2,000 young people.

Youth Verified® was created to breakdown and understand how 'youth-first' an organisation truly is when it comes to the wants, needs and challenges of young people in the UK.

Over 300 companies have successfully become Youth Verified® with The Youth Group and now Pret a Manger joins the list of working towards Youth Verified®.

They will undertake the THRIVE formula that has been developed which is the underlining science behind what makes Youth Verified® work.

Learn more about Youth Verified® here


Who are Pret a Manger?

Pret a Manger are a leading organisation in the retail industry.

They decided to work towards becoming Youth Verified® because they understand the importance of young people in today's world and want to create a meaningful, inclusive and youth-first place for young people to work, learn and thrive.

What will Youth Verified® bring to Pret a Manger?

Pret a Manger has completed the rigorous and in-depth Youth Verified® process, they will successfully become and be announced as Youth Verified® to our 1.7million youth community and corporate partners.

This builds trust contracts with young people as currently trust is not being seen with employers in the eyes of youth today.

Young people actively looking for opportunity in our community will then granted access to Pret a Manger for jobs, programmes, bootcamps, events and everything else that Pret a Manger offers young people.

On average, our Youth Verified® partners see a 120% increase in applications from young people aged 18-30, once they have successfully become Youth Verified®.


Hear from the brand champions supporting Youth Verified®

David Carter, UK People Director at Pret a Manger:

We are delighted to partner with The Youth Group. At Pret, we want to create opportunities for as many people as we can, and an integral part of our approach is to achieve youth verified status. We have been so impressed with the fantastic work of The Youth Group – the way they champion, develop and break down employment barriers for young people. Becoming a Youth Verified employer ensures we are doing the right thing for young people, offering the right support and creating an environment where young people can thrive and build a successful career with us.

Leon Marseglia, Chief Growth Officer at The Youth Group:

Working closely with the amazing team at Pret a Manger to help them become a youth-first, youth friendly brand has been brilliant. Along with working towards Youth Verified we have partnered to also provide mentoring for our young people from their fantastic senior leadership team. We are excited to have Pret A Manger in cohort 2 alongside 50 other brands.


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