My Duvet Flip

My Duvet Flip: From energy billionaire to fashion tycoon, learn the top 5 lessons from successful entrepreneurs.

Learn the top 5 lessons from entrepreneurs on how to be successful by watching the first spotlight of the new youth cast seasons of ‘My Duvet Flip’, inspiring millions of young people across the UK.

After months of hard work and hundreds of green teas, we’re so excited to announce that the first spotlight of ‘My Duvet Flip’ is now live! Powered by Aviva and EY.

This spotlight is all about helping young people to learn top tips from entrepreneurs, helping young people to learn from their experiences when setting up their own businesses. 

In this spotlight (a Youth Group original youth cast) Jack Parsons, CEO of Youth Group is joined in his London home by three business leaders: Greg Jackson, Founder and CEO of Octopus Energy, Roger Saul, Founder of Mulberry, and Jacqueline Gold, Executive Chair of Ann Summers, who share their stories of entrepreneurship and, most importantly, what makes them flip the duvet every morning. 

Jack Parsons, the UK’s Chief Youth Officer and Host of ‘My Duvet Flip’ comments “I’m so excited to finally share spotlight 1 with everyone! We've got some fantastic guests whose experience I know young people will be able to benefit from and I would like to thank Greg, Roger and Jacqueline for sharing their stories.”

Jacqueline Gold, Executive Chair of Ann Summers and one of the superstar guests in the first spotlight, says “I loved speaking with Jack Parsons from Youth Group. They're doing some amazing work with young people, it's so inspiring to see such important work being led and shaped by young entrepreneurs”.

Greg Jackson said in the video "Integrity is everything. There are times when it's tempting to do something that is self-serving in the short term but I cannot tell you the number of times I've seen integrity come back to reward people for the decision they made for the right reason"

Catch the first spotlight, titled Top 5 lessons from successful entrepreneurs and featuring Greg Jackson, Roger Saul and Jacqueline Gold, on Jack Parsons’ YouTube channel and keep your eyes peeled for more microclips across LinkedIn and TikTok! 

Here is the link to the first spotlight, we hope you enjoy it: