Jack Parsons meets President of Google to go inside the minds of Google

Jack Parsons, the young entrepreneur and CEO of The Youth Group with a community of 1.7 million young people, meets the President of Google, Matt Brittin for a flat white and chat over the challenges young people face with employment in Tech.

Before starting The Youth Group, Jack worked for a consulting company where he made his first million, but always felt that his passion and heart was with helping young people, who came from less privileged backgrounds, like himself.

Jack Parsons sitting down at his home, with Matt Brittin President of Google

So what happens when a CEO and a President get together over a coffee?

Big changes occur within the youth community!

Matt shared with Jack that “Our heart at Google is about helping everyone get access to information”.

Meaning that everyone regardless of their background, their language and their social economic status should have access to information.

Matt further explained that his favourite feature of Google was Google translate, as it enables all languages to be effectively communicated in real time.

Not just the translation features, but Google has progressed significantly in the last years, where it has become accessible to people of all abilities.

If you cannot read, Google will read it to you. If you cannot type, you can speak to Google and it will answer it for you. This tech advancement has bridged the gap and enabled more people access to information.

All nitty-gritty details out of the way, the conversation was truly a light-hearted, warm and welcoming chat.

Jack joked to Matt saying “Have you ever found yourself sitting around a table and not knowing the answer to something and going ‘ahh i’ll just Google that’ and realising you work for Google?” at which Matt chuckled and answered “All the time!”.

Just goes to show, no matter your position or job title, we all need a little help from Google sometimes ;)

Overall, the catch up between Jack and Matt seemed to be truly promising for the future of young people.

It may be a venture to look out for…

Google Digital Garage – is one of Google’s flagship investment programmes in the UK, providing free digital skills training to individuals and businesses both online and in person. Since its launch in 2015, Google has trained 800,000 people in more than 500 villages, towns, and cities across the UK. Google will advertise details of each of its 30+ skills training events in 2022 locally, and share details on how local people and businesses can sign up.

The Google Digital Garage digital skills training programme will visit over 30 towns and cities this year to deliver free in-person digital skills training to help businesses grow in the new hybrid world, including Ashford, Boston and Skegness, Leeds, Lincolnshire, Maidstone, Salisbury, Perthshire and Watford.


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