My Duvet Flip

From Flipping Burgers to Flipping Duvets, CEO of Social Chain joins Jack Parsons on Youthcast My Duvet Flip!

On the latest spotlight of ‘My Duvet Flip’, host Jack Parsons is joined by Pete Metcalfe CEO at Social Chain, as they discuss what has helped Peter along their career journey.

Jack Parsons, host of ‘My Duvet Flip’, is CEO of Youth Group, Ambassador to the Big Issue.. Every week, a superstar guest from the business world sits down with Jack in his London home to talk all about what they have learned from their vast experiences in the working world. This is all with the aim of inspiring young people to kick start their own careers and explore the opportunities available to them. 

It is clear Pete passionately believes that “Career growth doesn't have to take years, it can happen in a matter of months. You just have to know where to look for it.”. This is evident in Pete's career as he’s climbed Social Chain at speed from going from Managing Director to CEO in 10 months, however before all Pete's success leading up to his role as CEO across all the Social Chain Agencies he began a career in McDonald’s.

Social Chain AG is a social-first marketing agency and one of the biggest social media publishers, leveraging their own media, unique products and first-party capabilities to build and scale social media brands! Their impressive list of clientele includes industry giants like Beats, KFC and Puma.

Pete showed humbleness and connected with Jack on a more personal level speaking about his earlier career choices and the importance of being driven to succeed and to grow not just within the business but personal growth as well can be a lesson to young people trying to grow and succeed.

After the spotlight, Jack commented “I really enjoyed chatting to Pete today. We spoke about some really important topics like the importance of being more authentic and not fearing failure as well as how humour can make a workplace so much more fun!”

This is the 9th spotlight in the second season of ‘My Duvet Flip’ in partnership with Aviva and EY, with new spotlights being live streamed every Thursday and Friday at 12pm on platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter. So far, the series has featured superstar guests like the Lord Mayor of London and Alison Kay, Managing Director for Client Service at EY, garnering over 100,000 views on YouTube alone. 

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