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Aviva’s Group CEO, Amanda Blanc invites Jack Parsons, UK’s Chief Youth Officer to Aviva’s headquarters.

Jack Parsons, CEO of Youth Group spends the day with Amanda Blac, Group CEO at Aviva, to understand how she leads her team and the opportunities available for young people at Aviva.

Last Thursday, Jack Parsons spent the day with Group CEO of Aviva, Amanda Blanc to understand how a successful leader in the insurance industry leads one of the biggest insurance companies in the world.

This opportunity was for Jack in his role as UK’s Chief Youth Officer to explore the real opportunities available to young people in an employer like Avia as well as to learn more about Amanda and her role.

Some of Amanda’s previous positions include being the former Chair of the Association of British Insurers and President of the Chartered Insurance Institute, giving her a wealth of experience in significant leadership roles.

Jack is a recent ambassador of The Big Issue and sits on the diversity and inclusion board for the retail giant Co-op, amongst other appointments.

She also appeared as a guest on Jack Parsons’ youthcast ‘My Duvet Flip’, sharing stories from her career, as well as what keeps her motivated to flip the duvet every morning. Aviva currently sponsors the second series of the youthcast ‘My Duvet Flip’

Aviva are also Youth Verified® partners, showing Amanda’s commitment to making her company accessible to young people who are looking to break into the insurance industry. 

Amanda took to Linkedin and said: “Great day together Jack - and I also learned a valuable lesson from you - if you don't ask, you don't get..."

She continued in saying “You are such a great example to your Youth Group community - if you reach out to any business or organisation with a request, you never know what might come back again, it might just be a yes. Keep up the great work…”

Reflecting on the day, Jack said “I know a lot about youth and my industry but insurance not so much so like Amanda Blanc say's "everyday is a school day”. 

“This experience has made me realise just how much your environment shapes your education. It can be hard to see that sometimes when you're stuck in a rut, or when you're feeling like you're not learning anything new or meeting anyone new. But if you step back and take a look at what's around you, I promise that you'll find inspiration for learning and growth everywhere! “

Many colleges at Aviva took to Linkedin comments to say it was such a pleasure to meet Jack and learn from his insight as well.

Jack shared that he is sharing with Youth Group’s 1.7 million youth community to key takeaways he feels will give young people guidance and best practice so the group can help more young people thrive in work.