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Our Intentions

We know that the best intentions will hold hands with our movement and values, and give all stakeholders an immediate sense of our purpose.

Our Intentions

As the reasons for youth unemployment vary between countries, each country needs to find the solution that will help them tackle the problem of youth unemployment effectively.

For some, it might involve turning to vocational education to minimise the skills mismatch between young people and the needs of the labour force. For others, it may be more about creating opportunities that are out of sight from immediate connections.

Maximising Entrepreneurship

It’s no secret that entrepreneurs are pivotal to creating wealth and driving economic growth, innovation and employment.

There has never been more opportunity for entrepreneurs now that we have the tools to trade online and operate from anywhere with internet access. However, there isn’t sufficient encouragement or support for young people to become entrepreneurs. Teaching young people the skills to start, manage and operate their own businesses is the first step in creating a more independent and driven generation of youth across the world.

Bridging the digital divide

Both governments and the private sector around the world must work closer together and put significant investment into bridging the digital divide between developed and developing countries.

Concerted efforts must be put in place to ensure everyone has access to the internet, technology, as well as the requisite technology skills so that there can be some semblance of a level playing field for all young people. Only this course of action will mean that young people have fair odds and can be competitive in the job market.

Reassessing the meaningful value of Internships

Giving a young person a genuine pat on the back and a stamp of approval when they undertake a work placement or internship would be a great first step. Internships help lay the foundations for future careers, but when done poorly unsupported placements can leave interns embittered towards the concept of work.

Interns must receive high and consistent standards of training and supervision, and organisations should also consider offering mentorship to young people from mentors outside of the business.

Earlier Career Guidance

Career advisers should be engaging with young people far earlier than is currently the norm. It is not only when it comes to getting employment that young people need help. Young people need to be given a perspective on work and the workplace from a young age, and career advisors should allow young people to more easily access their skills and advice to help steer them onto a career path as early as possible.

Young People need to be provided with a sense of direction and excitement regarding career pathways and be made aware of the vast opportunities out there for them. Too often, career advice is overly narrow and too anchored to the subjects studied in secondary or further education.

A new standard for work experience

There needs to be an increase in work experience opportunities for students across a variety of industries. Young people should have the opportunity to engage in a number of different workplace environments to get a real feel of what work and the workplace will be like.

This will broaden their minds on the opportunities available and help provide them with a well-rounded sense of direction for their career path. It also makes them more prepared when an employer interviews them for the first time.

Modernising great opportunities like apprenticeships

It is important that there is a continued increase in new and modern apprenticeship opportunities, particularly for those furthest from the labour market.

As part of the process for developing a new skilled workforce across the world, there needs to be an emphasis on developing the skills and knowledge of young people.

Giving a framework for enterprises

Employers need greater guidance too, so they can help the young people they hire. New frameworks must be created for employers and we believe these frameworks should be bite-sized to help develop them to engage, recruit and support young people in a meaningful way.