It's the most wonderful time of the year! The merriest, jolliest and… the most expensive. We all love socialising this time of the year to really get into the Christmas spirit, but for some of us it can be worrying. Splurging on an expensive Christmas night out with friends can leave Auntie Sal’s gift budget under a fiver. Auntie Sal doesn’t deserve this, she’s great! So here's ten places in London this Christmas to keep socialising and keep that gift budget untouched. 


Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland

A classic with a five pound entry; Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland. Although it is a paid entry this year, we can all admit Winter Wonderland is the most magical place in London. The place to take any Scrooge. Winter Wonderland features rides, Christmas stalls with scrumptious foods and stunning light displays. Even rolling on a budget, the atmosphere, photo opportunities and drunk people singing their heart out to Maria Carey, make it worth it. Grab a velvety hot chocolate for £4 to warm yourself up and enjoy the night!


Southbank’s Winter Festival - SE1 8XX

Southbank; the heart of London. This dynamic area next to the idyllic River Thames, offers views and an amazing free Winter Festival. If you’d rather skip the Winter Wonderland crowds and entry fee, this festival still features cute stalls offering mulled wine, mince pies and other Christmas delights under a tenner. Had enough of the Christmas stalls? walk by the Riverside Queen Walk to witness David Ogle’s light show, entwined beautifully with the nature on the walk.


Regents Street ‘Spirits of Christmas’

If you’ve been on Instagram at all this month, you will have seen the stunning pictures taken by Regents street. Labelled the ‘Spirits of Christmas’ this light display features 300,00 twinkling LED lights. Why not grab a Festive Gingerbread Latte and a range of Festive paninis for under a tenner all at Cafe Nero! Great food and magical Christmas lights, what could be better?


Christmas at Harrods - SW1X 7XL

Visit Harrods and feel like Miranda Priestly for the day. With all of their beautiful indoor decor including an Egyptian escalator floor, Harrods offers a prestigious experience. Window shop the new designer sets whilst taking in the creative Christmas displays.


Snow at Covent Garden - WC2

Have you wanted snow during the Christmas season? But you can't have it because we're in England and we’re sadly not in Love Actually? Well, you’re in luck! Covent Garden will be doing flurries of snow in their Piazza every hour from midday to seven in the evening. This will be an amazing addition to their magnificent hand picked tree,115,00 lights and giant mistletoe chandeliers. The best part, it's all free to see!



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