It can be a struggle to find a perfect gift especially within a budget. Fear not! In this article we will show you some great gift ideas to replace the same old chocolate and candle gift.


A trendy plant pot - £6.50 Oliver Bonas

A great addition to any home, plants have become an essential decor piece. This plant pot will add a Bo Chic look to any shelf, window sill or table. Small but stunning, this present allows the recipient to add whatever plant they wish, plus the pot comes in more colours!


A Personalised print on Etsy - £8

Wanting to give a more personal present? Whether for a work best friend or a family member, this gift is perfect for cherished ones. Many retailers on Etsy will create prints like above of you and your loved ones. There are even options to copy favourite outfits and hairstyles. What's better? Prices start from only £8!


A comedic workplace desk mood display - £4.99 Amazon UK

Not sure what to get your work colleague? This desk mood display uses comedic phrases and finger puppets which will allow your recipient to show other colleagues their mood. A hilarious present for the office joker. 


A paint by numbers - £7.99 Amazon UK

Need a present for someone creative? Paint by numbers was all the craze during the lockdown and it still is! This therapeutic activity is a great present that will be kept forever.


Dessert Mug Collection - £8.75 Amazon UK

We all like to have a quick meal or dessert when it’s been a long day. This gift is for all the foodies out there that love food but hate cooking. In just forty five seconds, your recipient can get a warm chocolate chip cookie, what's better than that?


Virtual Escape Room - From £5

With Lockdown, our beloved Escape Rooms were closed down. However, saved the day and provided virtual escape rooms which can be played with friends across the globe. From solving a murder with Sherlock to escaping The Haunted Mansion, this is a great gift which can be sent virtually.  So if your recipient is still not completely comfortable with meeting indoors or you simply want an out of the ordinary present, this could be the present for you and it starts from only £5! 


A sunset night light - £7.99 Amazon UK

A viral item on Tiktok. This is perfect for any Instagram stars or those that struggle to get out of bed. This light creates a gradual and stunning golden hour illusion at any hour of the day. Creating great pictures or helping your recipient enjoy waking up for the morning. 


A cute or comedic personalised mug - £5.00

It wouldn’t be Christmas without another personalised gift. This mug allows you to add your own definition of humour, where you can be as naughty or as nice as you like.


Cheesy jokes - £5.00- Amazon UK

Know anyone that loves dad jokes? This creative present comes in a hilarious package and provides hours of entertainment that hopefully will be funny... to someone. 



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