We know how important mentoring is. MentorMe is a flagship programme at The Youth Group, and we’re proud to have seen so many young people get access to a mentor through The Youth Group over the last year. 

We’re determined to increase the number of young people we’re able to bring a mentor to, and we’re committed to 100,000 mentoring sessions. This ambitious goal will set us up for success in the future, with a goal of setting up 1,000,000 sessions by the end of 2022. 

We hope to achieve this goal both through increasing the number of young people signing up for Mentor me, as well as through repeat sessions, with young people booking follow-up sessions with their mentors again and again!

Vittoria, Head of Mentor Me said: 

“Helping 100,000 young people this year is fundamental in order to keep our promise to leave no one behind. We are working in the best way we can to make sure every young person gets a mentor and is provided with valuable insights on career and life. The benefits of mentoring are incredible, and we are so excited to welcome new mentors and mentees in our community!”