Today, The Youth Group (TYG) officially launched the Youth Verified programme, a new certification programme in partnership with global brands Capita, National Grid, and Electrocomponents PLC, along with forty seven other companies all working to become Youth Verified. Youth Verified is an official digital certification designed to help companies assess and celebrate their performance in building youth-first recruitment, culture and opportunities.

The first of its kind scheme pioneered by The Youth Group will be a catalyst for the much-needed change to recruitment processes, how youth view corporate brands, and how they view youth employment more widely. 

Developed by young people to represent young people and in partnership with key enterprises, the framework is designed to help youth navigate the often confusing employment arena whilst supporting employers who want to demonstrate their youth ready credentials, enabling them to grow their employee value proposition and position in the employment market to young people. The development of the methodology that underpins the Youth Verified certification was supported by worldwide management consultancy McKinsey & Company.

In a recent survey, The Youth Group found that 66% of young people feel employers are ill-prepared for attracting and developing young people, and will skip getting involved if they don't believe the company has a culture that works for youth. 

The goal of Youth Verified is to give young people improved transparency when choosing a company to work for, or get involved with. A young person aged 18-30 can be sure that any company to carry The Youth Group’s Youth Verified ‘tick’  has been through a rigorous step by step vetting process, and has made a commitment to attracting, engaging, and developing youth.

Youth Verified applies to organisations of all sizes, but they must demonstrate clear adherence to the key requirements. For example, achieving the certification will involve a company’s website, recruitment pages, social channels, and job posts all being pre-assessed and the company passing our interviews with both their leadership and young employees. The Youth Group will, amongst other things, assess how well companies are adapting to being inclusive in their approach to apprenticeship schemes, young parents, and bringing their own devices.

Andrew Porter, Group Resourcing Director of Capita said of the Youth Verified scheme:

“The Youth Group are a key partner for us as we develop our thinking and approach to youth employability specifically but also about our social responsible resourcing programme more broadly. We are so impressed with The Youth Group’s approach ensuring that organisations are not only creating great opportunities for young people but are doing so in a thoughtful and responsible way. We really value youth talent but through working with TYG on our Youth Verified accreditation we are adding a level of insight that helps us attract, retain and develop the very best young talent”.

Isabella Mascarenhas, Vice President of Electrocomponents PLC said of the Youth Verified scheme:

“It is a pleasure to work with The Youth Group to achieve Youth Verified status, we are very impressed by how in-depth and detailed their process and analysis is. In addition to all the great work we already do to inspire, develop and empower young people, it gave us another layer of insight to develop the young people.”

Dina Potter, Global Head of Social Impact of National Grid said of the Youth Verified scheme:

“This is a much needed forward thinking approach that will help tackle youth unemployment and enable organisations to better attract and retain young talent. With an increasingly challenging jobs market, it’s important workplace cultures and support systems are set up in a way that can harness youth skills and help them achieve their full potential. We’re proud to support the Youth Verified concept and Jack’s endeavours which closely align with our global flagship community and youth investment programme, Grid for Good.”

Catherine Schlieben, HR Director of National Grid said 

“We are thrilled to be part of this initiative. This goes hand in hand with our other work to create opportunities and careers in the energy industry and in growing the green workforce in particular. Partnering with the Youth Group is critical for us as we work to ensure that our attraction, selection and engagement of young people is transparent, inclusive and responsible.”

Jack Parsons, CEO of The Youth Group 

“It has been one of our missions over the last 6 months to launch a methodology to measure how youth ready a company is and to help young people like me be able to judge quickly from the outside if a company will meaningful support them. Youth Verified is that methodology.”

The benefits for employers include a more attractive youth employer brand, publicity across social channels, a favourable advantage in accessing apprenticeship funding, and support in developing policies and initiatives which engage youth. 

Critically, Youth Verified will not only create a much-needed community of companies investing in youth, but also create a pool of talented young people looking to make a difference in the workplace. Organisations partnering with The Youth Group will get exclusive access to this work-ready talent pool.

Cohort two will open for companies to get involved on Monday 1st February 2021. This cohort will be the second group of fifty companies to become youth verified. To find out more at Youth Verified