Happiness levels among young people are at the lowest they’ve been in a decade. Young people are feeling the full force of higher costs of living, insecure work, and an increasingly competitive and confusing employment market. This has resulted in young people today experiencing unprecedented levels of anxiety and stress. 

Mental health is a very personal topic for us at The Youth Group. We take mental health support seriously, that’s why we’ve worked with several amazing partners including Mind UK, dnömr, and the NHS to create Mindset, a meaningful new service to support young people experiencing poor mental health. 

Mindset’s goal is to support young people already in, or getting ready to enter the workplace. Mindset provides a safe space to talk about mental health, supportive help sessions and helpful resources all at no cost to young people. 

Marta, Head of Youth at The Youth Group said: “I believe that making free mental health more accessible for young people is one of the most important actions we should take. We need to keep learning about mental health and understanding the importance of its influence on our everyday lives."

If you’re a young person looking for mental health support, you can get in touch with us directly here.