Every so often, we get the chance to do something extraordinary and extremely cool that does a lot of good for a lot of people. Today is one of those days.

We’ve been working hard to build up a network of outstanding employers committed to hiring, engaging, and developing young people. Now we want to get young people the jobs of their dreams through our new youth recruitment service, Get a Job.

Get A Job works by matching young people who’ve signed up with our verified employers as soon as openings become available. Rather than relying on a CV, our we ask young people to put together a presentation, record a video, or write out a few pages showcasing why they’re perfect for the job

We then match applicants with some amazing job opportunities from our verified Youth Recruit partner employers. We don’t let just anyone become a Youth Recruit employer. We work with the best, and put young people in touch with the best. 

Throughout this process, we support young people every step of the way. Providing support with each young person’s application, helping them get their showcase right before it goes to the employer. Our priority is making sure that employers see the full potential of every young person.

When everything’s ready, we set up an interview between the young person and employer. Here’s a game changer. After the interview, we ask the young person to rate the experience and employer. It’s about time interviews were as much about evaluating your employer as they are employers evaluating you. 

So many young people experience no reply, or a copy and paste response to their job application that shows employers aren’t very interested in them if they’re not getting a job. We’re ending that with Get a Job. 


Marta, Ambassador / Youth Recruit Team said: 

“Get a Job is going to be revolutionary. It’s a service where we help young people not only with their application, but with understanding their potential and worth. Through our individual approach, young people won’t feel alone in the ocean of possibilities anymore. Instead, they'll be empowered to make the best decision for them. Best of all, it's completely free!”