The Youth Group is committed to becoming an evermore sustainable and socially responsible enterprise. We listened to our community and that’s why we’ve made the decision to go paper free. This starts with clearing all silos of the business with paper within thirty days of this announcement, and is followed by a resolution to create a paper free environment in the workplace. 

Before the Covid-19 outbreak arrived at our shores, we took the decision to trial remote working in order to see how effective we could be without being tied to an office. Little did we know the pandemic would render us officeless for much longer than our trial envisioned. This change to remote working provided reliance on digital resources instead.

The manufacturing of paper products is a source of enormous deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions which drive global warming. After all that, it’s estimated that nearly 50% the paper used in offices ends up in the bin before the end of the day. Going paper free is the socially responsible, environmentally sustainable choice.  

Use of digital documents is not only good for the environment, it saves time and storage space too. Working exclusively with online documents makes organising and reviewing documents far easier, and we can transfer digital documents between people seamlessly and securely. This means going paperless isn’t only good for the environment, it’s good business sense too.


Leon, Head of Enterprise at The Youth Group said:

“At The Youth Group we like to be on the edge of everything we do - this includes listening to our community and being environmentally sustainable. The feedback we actively searched for resulted in us promising to be a paper free company within the next 30 days. I’m so excited to announce this promise. There are minimal excuses for using physical paper in today's world”


See our policy here: Paper Free Policy