The Youth Group are proud to confirm the start of a meaningful partnership with The Raised Eyebrow Society, an innovative creative agency collective who will work with us to put The Youth Group on the cutting edge of the ideas frontier! 

Founded in May 2020 by Pete Cain, Remmington Edison-Scott and Justin Shill, The Raised Eyebrow Society has one mission: thinking up trailblazing ideas that make a genuine difference to people’s lives. This collective of experienced advertising minds and young creative talent are intent on helping charities, good-causes and brands interested in making the world a better place, using the power of great ideas.   

At The Youth Group we love big ideas, but we love delivering on them too. The Raised Eyebrow Society specialise in not only thinking up ideas, but making them into a reality. We just love their style. The Raised Eyebrow Society is currently working with organisations like the Campaign Against Living Miserably, the NHS and Concord Music Group, at all times demonstrating their far-reaching commitment to bring about a better society for young people.

We’re absolutely delighted to be working with The Raised Eyebrow Society as a creative partner in some of our most exciting ongoing projects, including a major national project currently in development! Watch this space, you’ll want to catch what we do next.  

Pete, Co-Founder and Creative Director of The Raised Eyebrow Society said: 

“The Youth Group is an incredible organisation that is committed to changing the working world so that it’s more accessible for young people everywhere, whatever their background. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to be partnering with them to create work that helps further their cause. Jack Parsons and his team are truly inspirational.    


Jack, Founder and Head of Company at The Youth Group said: 

“When we were introduced to Pete and the team at The Raised Eyebrow Society from the get go we knew they got what we were trying to achieve with our mission to improve the odds for young people and loved their flexible and creative approach to our plans and looking forward to working with them over the next 12 months”.