The Youth Group is delighted to announce that Samsung Ads and The Youth Group have partnered to help deliver our flagship service, the Mentor Me programme. Samsung Ads have committed ten of their world-class team to become mentors in the programme. 

Mentor Me is a programme that matches young people to an industry-expert supermentor who has been verified by us. We set up a 15-45 minute session between the mentor and the mentee during which they can ask questions, gain insight, and build a professional relationship. 

We’re delighted to have some of the amazing team from Samsung Ads join the ranks of Mentors in the Mentor Me programme. The whole aim of Mentor Me is to connect top-flight talent with young people for free, and we’re delighted to be able to put youth in touch with Samsung Ads’ mentors asap!

Jack Parsons, CEO of The Youth Group said:

“I’m really excited for this support from Alex and his team to support our mission to help more young people to get up and flip the duvet in the morning by meeting with one of Alex’s team at Samsung Ads who can help young people with a 45 minutes mentoring session just incredible”


Keep a watch on our social media for updates about Mentor Me. Including announcements in our Meet the Mentor series, where you can get to know a little more about each of the mentors you can get in touch with!

If you fancy the idea of getting a step ahead in your career, you can sign up to get your own industry expert supermentor right here!