We believe in supporting young people no matter what. 

There are often limitations on the opportunities available to young people. We aim to provide an avenue for young people to secure employment and training whenever possible, but we know there are only so many jobs and training opportunities to go around. However, we remain committed to making sure that when young people get in touch with The Youth Group that we don’t leave a single one of them by the wayside. 

That’s why we’re pledging to provide a basic level of support and solutions to every young person who gets in touch with us, no matter how big or small their need. If we have a hundred work places available, and five hundred young people apply for the position, we’ll make sure that the young people who aren’t successful with the work placement are all provided access to a mentor. No young person will be left behind. 

Leon, Head of Enterprise at The Youth Group said:

“The Opportunity for All promise is integral in our ongoing mission to improve the odds for young people. That's why we're promising young people that every one who comes to us will hear back from us, get some support, and join our global community of 1.7 million young people”