We know there are many organisations working hard to bring about the best for young people, and we want to bring together the talent of a plurality of youth-first organisations and work together to bring each other up, bring organisations closer together, and help support young people. That’s why we’re working with partner organisations to break the ‘silo’ mentality of many youth-first organisations.

We’re working with our partners to create a number of new meaningful pathways for different youth organisations to work together more effectively. To achieve this we’re creating Live Sessions between workspaces, offering free software licenses, and facilitating partnerships between different groups. We’re making this pledge because we all have the same mission to help young people, and there’s always more we can do to work together.

Nathan, Communications Officer at The Youth Group said: 

“Bridging the communication gap between organisations is the unsung key to changing lives. By working with our partners to break down doors we're able to help a fleet of youth-first services become more collaborative, better connected enterprises. We're able to achieve so much more together than we ever could alone.”