At The Youth Group, we’re dedicated to improving the odds for young people, and we believe every day is a great day to change the world. Whether you’re doing something monumental that’s going to send out shockwaves, or just overcoming a small hurdle, each day is a new chance to make a difference. 

Last year saw a villainous pandemic that causes young people to feel disconnected, overwhelmed, and without opportunity. We’re proud to have been able to make a difference for so many young people. We teamed up with amazing partners to recruit, train, and develop thousands of young people across the country, but we know young people still need help and there’s always more we can do. This year we’re stepping up and being bold with the launch of our 100 Days, 100 Youth Promises campaign. 

Every day for the next one hundred days, we will be announcing a promise to set out a new measure to meaningfully support young people during this pandemic. Each promise will be backed up by a signed memorandum from Jack Parsons, founder of The Youth Group, and will have a ‘promise partner’ to support the successful completion of each promise. This guarantees that each promise is not only a pledge but an actionable commitment with real-world results. 


Viktor Gavrilovic, Chief Digital Officer at The Youth Group, said:

“One of our key principles we stand by is ‘what gets measured gets done’ and we have the best intentions to make sure all our youth promises get done. Therefore we’ve built an interactive digital promise tracker you can access via our website that will keep us accountable and you up to date on how we are performing with all 100 youth promises.”


To keep us accountable for every Youth Promise, follow our progress here - Youth Promise