Over the last year, The Youth Group have trailed a four day working week for our entire team, and it’s been a massive success.

The mental health and wellbeing of our team are a big priority for us at The Youth Group. Our team represents the heart of all our projects and activities. Not only does a four day work week leave people happier and more satisfied, it decreases stress levels. Even better, reducing team work schedules to a four day work week doesn’t negatively impact their productivity. 

Companies we have meaningful partnerships with, from Capita, to Google and Verizon have supported our four day week model and it has become increasingly apparent that a four day week is a viable, sensible and socially responsible model to work under. That’s why we’re making a four day working week one of our 100 Youth Promises. 

Jack, Founder of The Youth Group said:

“We want all our young people to be able to have the option to work flexibly for the companies they work for, we want safe spaces and flexible working to be standard. This is why we are advocating the four day working week into all our partnerships where we support young people into work.”

Marisol Milson, Head of Social Resourcing Programs at Capita & one of The Youth Groups corporate partners said: 

“For a short period in December we had some urgent deliverables and a couple of the TYG  team offered to work their Fridays. Otherwise the Capita team have just planned to get activities completed on a Thursday rather than a Friday and adjusted our internal timelines accordingly. In fact - it works so well I have also reduced to a 4 day week!”