The Youth Group, UK's largest community of young people, is excited to be partnering with PDD, the global product and experience innovation consultancy, to have their employees mentor young people within The Youth Group's community. 


This exciting new partnership opens the doors to new mentors that can motivate

and inspire young people in product and service design innovation consultancy industries, adding the 12,500+ mentors signed-up with The Youth Group.


With studios in cities all over the world such as London, Shanghai, Boston and Hong Kong, PDD’s experienced and multidisciplinary team of designers, researchers and engineers work with some of the world’s leading organisations to deliver meaningful innovations – products and experiences that address people’s needs and are commercially successful. PDD clients include some of the most influential organisations in the Medical & Healthcare, Consumer and Industrial sectors.


Mentor Me is a product developed for young people to give them hope, skill and opportunity by being mentored by employees from impressive companies & organisations.


So far, The Youth Group have completed over 19,738 mentoring sessions, and with every mentoring session, a tree is being planted. Impact is measured by brokering the confidence of young people using The Youth Group's THRIVE formula.


Some of The Youth Group's Mentor Me partners include: Lionsgate, Facebook, Huffington Post, Instagram, PwC, Bumble, LADbible Group, Xero, Sky News +100 more.


PDD and The Youth Group are building a meaningful partnership together that

will enable young people to thrive in today's world and for the long-term. Keep your eyes peeled with our future exciting activities to come between PDD and The Youth



Karsten Fischer, CEO of PDD said:

"At PDD, people are at the centre of our work. From the users we design for to the teams that make up our studios, we thrive on finding solutions that improve people’s lives and make good business sense. Now more than ever, we are also looking to give back, and inspire those at the start of their careers to make the most of the opportunities ahead. We are delighted to partner with The Youth Group and look forward to mentoring and supporting their talented young community as they take on the world.”


Leon Marseglia, Group Director at The Youth Group said:

“I am very excited to be able to work more closely with Karsten, Hollie and the rest of the amazing PDD team. It is very evident to me they are passionate about inspiring and supporting young people to thrive in today’s world through mentoring. PDD’s rigorous and insightful approach to innovation and their commitment to sustainability shone through in my conversations with Karsten. I am really excited and looking forward to having the talented superstar PDD team mentoring our community of young people.”