We’re pleased to announce that former Prince’s Trust CEO Nick Stace, is the latest esteemed leader to join The Youth Group’s team as a group advisor on our board, with a special focus on youth impact and social good. 

A laudable champion of social good, Nick brings extensive experience from a background of helping to improve the odds for young people at The Prince’s Trust, by raising the profile of youth issues at a national level and leading the large to help vulnerable young people get their lives back on track.

Alongside his work at The Prince’s Trust, Nick was Board Director of the Financial Conduct Authority, Chair of The Squad, a charity for young people with learning disabilities, and Strategic Communications Director at Number 10 as a special advisor to the Prime Minister. Nick brings more than twenty years of experience to the role. 


Jack Parsons, CEO of The Youth Group said:

“Nick and I first met a few years ago when he was appointed to lead The Prince’s Trust. I knew from the outset that Nick meaningfully cared about young people. When I and Nick spoke about the opportunity to join and support us improve the odds for young people I knew at the bottom of my heart when he said yes that Nick could bring great support to my own journey as a young leader and the wider team.” 

Nick Stace said:

“The Youth Group has implemented a pioneering and life changing approach to improving the confidence and ambitions of young people across the world. I am delighted to help Jack and his phenomenal team to reach even more young people, at a time when the need for The Youth Group has never been more necessary.”


About Nick: 

Nick Stace is the CEO of Saga Travel and Saga Group PLC, Chief Strategy Officer.  He is also a trustee of the National Trust, with recent positions including CEO of The Prince’s Trust and CEO of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Previously Nick spent 15 years as deputy CEO of Which? and subsequently CEO of CHOICE, Australia’s equivalent consumer organisation.

Over the past 25 years Nick has set up three charities for young people in the fields of activism, disability, and nature, and the outdoors. Nick lives in London with his three young children and is never happier than when walking hills and mountains.


About The Youth Group: 

The Youth Group is a youth first business that provides young people with the tools they really need to get ahead and grow in work. On the flip side, we also help enterprise, government and education to engage, recruit and develop youth. We wholeheartedly believe in the potential of all young people and care deeply about young people and their futures.