On Thursday 28th January, Leader of The Youth Group Jack Parsons joined Rishi Sunak on a virtual panel aimed at young people to discuss the new Kickstart scheme and youth unemployment as part of the Government’s Plan for Jobs virtual panel series. Previous panels included in the series included apprenticeships, and entrepreneurship & innovation. Also in attendance were representatives from the English Football League, LadBible Group and National Pharmacy Association. 

When asked why The Youth Group was involved in the Kickstart scheme, Jack said: “Young people all across the country need three things: hope, skills, and opportunity. The Kickstarter has really helped provide that. We’ve helped over seven hundred Kickstarters join employers, five joined us as well, and every Kickstarter that joins has passion, energy, and hope, and they really want to get onto the ladder and make something of themselves.”

The Chancellor went on to ask the panel what they look for in a candidate. Jack remarked: “The duvet flip”. What gets you out of bed in the morning to flip that duvet and be passionate about something? All we want to see is that duvet flip and everything else will come. The Chancellor quipped: “We definitely need to get ‘duvet flip’ trending!” 

As the panel came to an end the Chancellor said: “Jack said it right at the beginning. What’s this about? What’s the Kickstart scheme about? It’s about providing hope, skills, and opportunity.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves!

The panel was live streamed and can be accessed on YouTube at: