Two weeks ago, we were very excited to announce that The Youth Group had become an official sponsor of the first-ever ‘Young Person of the Year’ Award for Investors in People 2021 Awards. Need a reminder? That’s okay, just click here

The awards celebrate nominees who are  pioneering individuals and organisations who are working at a community level to effect positive national change. Now, The Youth Group and Investors in People are together championing the amazing work of passionate young people who are making a difference to the benefit of our wider society. 

Here at The Youth Group, we believe that being kind is a superpower within all of us. In this spirit, we firmly believe that recognition matters, which is why we want to recognise and showcase our superstar young people for their well-deserved nomination for this award! They have contributed to amazing initiatives throughout the year and warrant every success they achieve.

This is clear evidence that we have so many talented young people across the country doing some really cool things in their early professional careers and we congratulate each and every one of them.

Congratulations to all who were nominated for this fantastic award, we can’t wait to see what amazing work you continue to do to inspire your mentors and our community of young people. 

We have shared some of the feedback from the mentors that they have said about the young people they have nominated. 

Alicia Gerez (Student of Film and International Relations)

Nominated by Joanne Reid, Mentor of The Youth Group

“Alicia is a very confident, enthusiastic and personable individual. I believe she will be exceptional in whatever she decides to do in life and it has been an honour to help her on her journey.”


Yat Tak Wong (Student at Warwick Business School)

Nominated by Lee Bartlett, Mentor of The Youth Group

“Yat shows great dedication to learning material and has leveraged my network to secure an interview with the largest global management consultancy firm. Yat’s hard work and commitment to success is a great example of taking the initiative and taking positive steps to achieving a defined goal. 


Sajeevan Jeyakanthan (Working for GYPS Financial Services)

Nominated by Paula Felstead, Mentor of The Youth Group

“Sajeevan is a Volunteer for Jaffna Transgender Network and raised over £2000 for an LGBT charity based in Uppsala, Sweden whilst he was enrolled in the Eramus scheme. Sajeevan should be an inspiration for other young people that they can have an impact on society even if they are quiet, kind and considerate.”


Umerah Riyasat (Working for the Exemplia Group) 

Nominated by David Abel, Mentor of The Youth Group

“Umerah has built confidence and remained extremely humble even in the event of taking home a lower wage to support the most in need. Her efforts have now brought her a job change and now works in the desired role of Social Media Marketing for a recruitment company including LinkedIn posting where our journey began.”

Ben Giebus (Working at Brewdog)

Nominated by Andy Mealey, Mentor of The Youth Group

“Ben received two promotions with his current employer based on his hard work, and he also found a role within HR which was his main goal of the mentorship programme. He always took on board ideas, feedback and advice, and worked hard on his CV, covering letters, applications and interviewing skills.”


Marta Kuklinska (Working at The Youth Group)

Nominated by Nora Hussain, Mentor of The Youth Group

“Marta has overcome many obstacles in her life to get to where she needs to go and has nobody else but herself to thank for it. Her ability to keep an open mind, learn from everything and everyone around her while staying true to her personal values shows great leadership.”


Bahar Dawrish (Working at Capita)

Nominated by Catherine Marchant, Mentor of The Youth Group

“Bahar started her role at Capita during lockdown, so has never physically met her co-workers or her managers. For a young person to begin their career during the pandemic is particularly daunting. However, Bahar has managed in an exemplary way. As well as having to navigate her new job, Bahar had to work and relax in one room, her bedroom, as she shared her home with her parents, very young sister, a younger brother at school and another brother studying for university from home.”


Tariq Williams (Radiographer in the NHS)

Nominated by Simon Leibling, Mentor of The Youth Group

“Tariq finished his studies to become a qualified radiographer, whilst also starting up a new business. The business is owned, run and delivered by Tariq – providing an exceptionally high level of service with a focus on perfection. His eagerness to learn, deliver and move forward with his business is balanced with his openness to listen, develop and understand how he can be even more successful.”


Samantha Rodrigues (Student)

Nominated by Agi Solymos, Mentor of The Youth Group

“Samantha is a very diligent and determined person and she works very hard to achieve her goals. She has determination, kindness and positive energy. Although we did not work together on a daily basis, the time we spent together online was enough to see and feel her energy and genuine soul.”


James Sweeney (Student at University of Reading)

Nominated by Polina Changuleva, Mentor of The Youth Group

“James recently completed the Professional Placement Year of his university course, where he worked as a Communications Coordinator for the University of Reading. Although James has a bad Stutter, he did not let that stop him from working in communications. James was noticed by Jack Parsons, the President of The Youth Group, who personally selected him as one of The Youth Group’s very own Changemakers...”

Saim Ali (Degree Apprenticeship at Capita)

Nominated by Jonathan Davies, Mentor of The Youth Group

“Saim's drive and dedication is what really sets him aside from other candidates. His constant drive to improve himself  always gives 100% and achieves a great result. The fact he has now won a degree apprenticeship with Capita is paramount to his endeavours!”


Ella Ireri (Student at Loughborough University)

Nominated by Emma Clark, Mentor of The Youth Group

“Ella is an extremely bright and confident young lady, she communicates very well, she is hardworking and the drive to succeed is very noticeable. Ella takes away the maximum from our sessions then integrates it into her intern role at Wasserman to learn and progress.”


Ayisha Jaseela P.N (Student at University of Salford)

Nominated by Joni Rasmusson, Mentor of The Youth Group

Ayisha is one of the most intelligent, modest and humble people I have ever met and I have no doubt she will be a fierce future leader…..Ayisha has worked tirelessly to stay true to herself and her wonderful Indian heritage and traditions, but shown sheer courage to push the boundaries to show utter determination to want/ deserve a career.”


Esther Akpovi (The University of Law)

Nominated by Anna Watkins, Mentor of The Youth Group

Esther is a truly multi talented, ambitious and driven individual driving social impact and good with multiple initiatives championing the African and Caribbean communities. She amazingly manages to find the time to Be a Gen Z commentator and contributor to the BBC News and entertainment for Nottingham’s African and Caribbean community with Dawne…..A Delegate for the Commission on the Status of Woman for UN Women ....”


Do you want to meet one of our inspiring young people? You can become a mentor with The Youth Group if you head to this link. We would love to have you onboard!