The Youth Group, UK's largest community of young people, is excited to be partnering with Higgidy to enable them to work towards becoming a Youth Verified brand. Higgidy has pledged to work towards becoming a Youth Verified employer to build a brighter, more sustainable future for young people within their organisation and local communities.

Higgidy is a sussex-based food business, Higgidy, takes pride not only in its food but in the way it does business too - putting heart into food and soul into business. On top of baking delicious pies, quiche, sausage and veggie rolls, and other seriously snackable recipes, they aim to create a sustainable and inclusive community for both employees and consumers. Their Food for Thought Club allows customers to have a say in their products whilst they are also transparent about their Gender Pay Gap report and Ethical Trade and Equal Opportunities Policies amongst others.

Youth Verified is the youth verification status, evaluating the readiness of companies to attract, develop, and retain a future-focused youth workforce built with the help of McKinsey & Company, young people and enterprises across the country.

But that’s not all…..the fantastic team over at Higgidy will be coming together to further support young people through our Mentor Me service! Members of the Higgidy team will be on hand as part of our team of superstar mentors to help provide personalised career support and valuable industry knowledge. Like the sound of Higgidy and want to meet one of their mentors? You can do so by clicking here! 


Rachel Kelley, CEO at Higgidy said: “Having recently discovered the important work The Youth Group is undertaking to support young people into careers, we knew Higgidy should be part of this. That’s why we want to do everything possible to be an attractive employer to young people who, we believe, will play a key role in ensuring that Higgidy will continue to flourish.”


Abigail West, People Director at Higgidy  said: “Having recently developed our own internal training program, we can see the impact that mentoring can have. This is why we’re so passionate about The Youth Group Mentoring scheme.”


Leon Marseglia, Vice President at The Youth Group said: It’s very clear Higgidy is prepared and committed to supporting the young people of the future through previous interesting conversations had with them. We cannot wait to get our Youth Verified process started with the Higgidy team to help them become a youth first organisation”