When you work as part of a company is can be easy to end up feeling less as an individual and more like a uniform cog in a work machine. The key to getting out of this frame of mind is to find a way to inject some of your own personality into your work.

Bringing individuality to work can allow you to be more comfortable and more satisfied with the job you are doing. It may also help to make you stand out amongst your peers and get some much-needed recognition for the work you are doing.

We’ve compiled some of our best tips to help you effectively express your personality in the workplace.



Ask any fashionista and they’ll tell you that the clothes you wear are a way to express to the world who you are. So, choosing what to wear to work can do the same thing. Obviously, you should make sure you are sticking to the dress code regulations of your workplace with whatever you wear. If you have a laxer dress code at your workspace, you have the ability to wear t-shirts or jumpers with iconography on them, perhaps your favourite TV show or musician.

If you have an office with a more rigid traditional dress code, you can still experiment with your style. Try using different colours rather than just grey and white, wear a shirt or a dress that reflects your favourite colours. You can also show off your own personal style with accessories, wear a bracelet or a necklace you like. What about the bag you bring your equipment to work in?

Having your own unique fashion sense is a great way to stand out and inject more of yourself into your everyday work.



It’s not just yourself you can accessories with personality, you can also personalize your workspace. If you, like many of us, use a desk at work, you can put some trinkets or ornaments on there that reflect you. If you are a very organized person, for example, your desk can reflect that by having a pen pot or a desk tidy in your favourite colour.

Why not ask your boss if you can hang something on the wall, like a poster or a fun calendar? Maybe bring in a photo of loved ones or a pet to have on your desk for sentimental reasons. If you could maybe you can bring in your own chair to add comfort and individuality. If you have a shared workspace you could think of something to bring in that reflects you but can be utilized by everyone, like perhaps a mug for the staff kitchen.

Personalizing your workspace is a simple way to convey to those you work with who you are. An added bonus is that it may show your superiors that you see a future at the company, as you have begun to make it your home.



One of the best ways to express your individual personality is simply by acting yourself. When you are working with co-workers, don’t be afraid to converse and talk to them as you would do a friend. Remember to focus on your work and not get too distracted but creating an environment where you can communicate, and talk will allow you to be comfortable enough share more of your personality when you’re at work. Don’t think too much about what your body is doing either, let your natural body language convey your personality to others.

Another great way to communicate with colleagues personally is by utilizing social media. Adding your co-workers on various social media platforms can allow you to share yourself more with them easily. This can also help you all to communicate and form friendships outside of work. Having a relationship with colleagues outside of work can also be a great way to open up to them and allow yourself to show more of your personality when you are at work.

The way you talk and interact with others is key to presenting who you are to others, it can also help to bring the team together forming a tighter bond and potentially improving output.


Voice your opinion

The idea behind being an individual at work is to stop you from becoming just another cog in the machine, to make you stand out as yourself. one thing that everyone has that makes them different is an opinion. If you want to express your personality with your unique take on things, you shouldn’t be afraid to express your opinions of things at work.

The key to expressing your opinion is to remember to be respectful and polite. It is easy to come off as rude when expressing an opinion so be sure not to but in with it or be too critical in your wording. It may also be a good idea to ask other people’s opinions of your own work to create a culture in the workplace where everyone feels comfortable to share their thoughts with the group.

Sharing your perspective on work topics can not only help you to have a voice amongst your co-workers but also allow for a sense of collaboration within your team.



While its great to inject your personality into your job through conversation and attitude, one of the most important things to do is to set a boundary between your personal self and your work self. Remember that above all you are being paid to represent and follow the rules of your company. It is important first of all to think about what information you choose to share with your co-workers and what conversations are appropriate for the workplace.

Always remember to be respectful of those you work with when expressing your personality, try to avoid things that might offend or upset people. For instance, if you like a band or a tv show that uses language or iconography that others may find rude, don’t put that up in your workspace.

It’s not about pretending to be someone you’re not. It’s about being yourself but knowing how to behave and edit yourself in order to be professional.

Being an individual is all about being true to yourself. Allow yourself to act, dress and create an environment that makes you feel happy, just remember to always be conscious of being professional. Being authentically yourself can help bring joy to any situation you find yourself in.