The Youth Group are excited to announce that Cadence Willis, Global Director of Corporate Responsibility and Engagement at Collinson, has joined The Youth Group’s Promise Council, to help guarantee the success and viability of the commitments we make to improve the odds for young people. Holding us accountable for our promises and helping us ensure they are delivered.

As Global Director of Corporate Responsibility and Employee Engagement, Cadence is responsible for working with Collinson’s people and partners to implement positive change. Prior to this, Cadence was Head of Communications and Public Engagement with the University for Creative Arts, Business Integration Manager at Vodafone UK, and previously headed up public affairs and community relations for Cameco Corporation in Australia. As an exemplary champion of corporate responsibility, we can’t think of anybody better to join the Promise Council as its newest member. 

The Promise Council is a body of industry experts and young people organised to ensure we follow through on each promise The Youth Group makes. It’s a demonstration of our resolution to make good by being bold, passionate, and honest in our intentions. 


Jack, Founder of The Youth Group said:

“Cadence has a wealth of experience in both the private and public sectors forging partnerships and bringing people together to improve prospects for young people around the world. She is passionate about corporate responsibility and the role businesses play in ensuring we leave a better world for future generations. I love her approach to corporate social responsibility and her commitment to making sure that no one gets left behind and I’m very excited to welcome her to our Promise Council.”


Cadence Willis said: 

“The current economic, education and employment landscape for young people is challenging and unpredictable. The Youth Group are playing a critical role in not only improving the odds for young people, but also in bringing enterprise, government and education bodies together to ensure young people are receiving the support they need as we come through this pandemic. I’m very excited to be joining the Promise Council, working alongside Jack, Marco and everyone at The Youth Group to ensure all Youth Promises are delivered and bring hope, skills and opportunity to young people around the world.”