The Youth Group is delighted to announce its partnership with BE Offices, the leading workspace provider is supporting The Youth Group with free, Covid-secure office space to provide a safe space and collaborative environment for young people who are struggling with their mental health as a result of having had to work from home for so long.

In addition, through its subsidiary company, &Meetings, BE Offices will provide meeting room space in its network of venues across the UK. 

The relationship between The Youth Group and BE Offices developed after BE’s PR and corporate social responsibility manager, Julie Tucker, volunteered as a mentor for The Youth Group’s MentorMe programme, which matches the expertise and experience of volunteer mentors with the interests and career aspirations of young people. 

In February 2021, Julie was matched with aspiring graduate filmmaker/photographer, Aditya Thapa, who was seeking support on how best to market himself, his services, and his website. 


Commenting on the mentoring experience Julie said: 

“Meeting Aditya has been and continues to be such an uplifting experience, seeing his confidence grow from one session to the next and the progress he has made fine-tuning his CV, developing his LinkedIn profile and enhancing his website, as well as honing his skills and expanding his portfolio through work experience with a clothing brand and a creative agency.

“Mentoring sessions are around 45 minutes long, currently all virtual, and very efficiently facilitated by the excellent The Youth Group team, making the whole process super easy for both mentor and mentee. I really can’t recommend becoming a mentor highly enough."

“BE Offices is thrilled to be further supporting The Youth Group with office space and meeting rooms and delighted to be partnering with a movement whose sole aim is to ensure that no young person gets left behind.”


Jack Parsons, Chief Executive Officer, The Youth Group said: 

“It’s an absolute pleasure to partner with Be offices to provide safe spaces for those who have been struggling with their mental health at home. I love how collaborative the Be offices team has been in supporting our young people that we serve across the country.

I look forward to a continued partnership that lifts the inspiration of young people with a massive thank you personally to Julie for creating and supporting us with making this happen, we can’t improve the odds for young people without great organisations like Be offices”