Archant has today announced a major commitment to support young people within the media sector by partnering with us.

It’s the first regional publisher to form a partnership with The Youth Group. The Youth Group will take Archant through an in-depth audit of processes and frameworks including investing time interviewing younger colleagues and business leaders at the company. Once the Youth Verified process is complete and our youth-first recommendations have been pledged to by Archant, Archant will carry the ‘Youth Verified’ status.

Youth Verified is the youth verification status, evaluating the readiness of companies to attract, develop, and retain a future-focused youth workforce built with the help of McKinsey & Company, young people and enterprises across the country.

Archant CEO Lorna Willis said:

“I’m really proud of how we are changing our company for the better each and every day. The vibrancy and energy I see when the power of youth and experience is fused together is  quite simply stunning – but we can always do more.

No-one has all the answers and so bringing in The Youth Group to advise and work with us so we can be a true leader for future young talent will enable us to make our business even stronger.”


The Youth Group advises businesses on becoming more ‘youth friendly’ and actively provides support, resources and mentoring for 18 to 30 years olds looking for work. It has an online community of 1.7 million young people and has helped over 90,000 of them secure workplace opportunities.

Leon Marseglia, Vice President, The Youth Group said:

“We’re extremely excited by this partnership – the first of its kind in the local media space where Archant is located. Archant’s drive to become Youth Verified through the conversations we’ve had shows how much they care about the next generation and future workforce. I have no doubt they will create an even greater organisation for young people to thrive in.”

Dee Willmott, Chief People Officer, Archant added:

“We are truly passionate about building a culture in which everyone can be themselves. At Archant we welcome every type of person from every walk of life and there is an exceptionally strong community spirit that resonates right across our company. I believe our partnership with Youth Verified will further strengthen our work in colleague engagement and bring fresh new talent to our business. We’re excited to get started!”.