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Supporting young people across the world.

We focus our movement in countries across the World. There are 1.2 billion young people in the key countries we want to operate in, including the United Kingdom, New Zealand, United States and many more and with tens of millions out of work.

United States

United Kingdom

New Zealand

About the movement

Our global movement will see us directly supporting young people across the world into meaningful employment opportunities, helping them gain new skills and providing real, relatable mentorship.

It is essential that we support and encourage young people into roles that they are passionate about and with help from enterprise, education and government, we can up-skill and create a positive future for young people across the world.

Pledges made

We understand that if we want to achieve what we have set out in our global movement plans then we have to work in partnership with individuals, industry and governments to meaningfully support young people.

Latest Global News

Stay in the loop, not out! We’ve always got something new going on to improve the odds for young people. From creating new opportunities to meeting people just like you across the world.

Popular Questions

When we say young people we talk about young people aged 18 to 30 years old.

That depends what you are looking to achieve, however, check out our services for youth that might interest you.