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a sustainable youth super-app that enables young people to win, called ‘youth space®’

youth verified® perks below


Discover a world of diverse youth.

With millions of young people using youth space®, put your brand front & centre and on their radars.

youth you need to access. milestones you want to deliver.

employee volunteering, speedy recruitment and youth-first events, there’s something for every company to gain from accessing youth space®.

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daily young people. directed straight to your brand.

youth verified® perks below

access youth every weekday and support young people to deliver your strategy whether it relates to: jobs, mentoring, skills, money, news, wellness or personal.


youth space® guides you through to the most relevant young people that will benefit from your offering.


Stay close to what’s happening to youth.

get all the latest updates around young people in a growing number of diverse communities — with beats on trends, challenges, culture, and more.

Only you see what youth need.

youth space® only shows youth verified® brands what young people need right now. we never share with brands that have not yet successfully become youth verified®.


unlimited access to diverse talent for all your active youth opportunities.

with jobs on youth space® you can define, search, and hire all young people that match your requirements for any of your job opportunities, whether you’re hiring 1 or 100 young people.

features like unlimited video showcase submissions, auto-feedback notifications and engagement reminders to reduce drop-off, are processed on your behalf by our tech and team through 25million youth insights and automation, rather than manual emails back and forth.

It’s so much more
than a status.

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It’s a trust contract.

see what youth verified®
can do.

A big, beautiful window into new, diverse talent. over 1.7million young people gain access to your brand from the moment you become youth verified®.

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"become youth verified® in 20 working days. it’s packed with a phenomenal set of opportunities for your brand to engage, develop and hire young people."

sensational experience from start to verified?
now we’re talking.

thanks to our 25million youth insights, youth group keeps you centred on your milestones and objectives by aligning youth verified® to what matters most.


youth verified® also beautifully builds the trust contract between you and youth.

so they trust you. and only you.

youth verified® tells young people loud and clear that you’re a trustworthy business for young people to work, engage or get involved with.

take charge of your youth strategy.

build your youth capital and join more than 702 companies delivering on their strategic outcomes from esg, csr and ed&i.

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Designed with youth in mind.

Youth verified® looks at 6 pillars youth care about… training, health, recruitment, inclusion, voice and engagement. we call it the ‘thrive’ framework

*example youth verified® results...

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unlock your youth capital with our youth verified® exclusive perks.

youth verified® perks below

perks that make you twerk.

youth employer page

showcase your brand with a dedicated youth employer page to engage 1.7million young people and be seen as a top youth employer.

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youth verified® dashboard

login to your dashboard where you can accelerate the speed at which you engage, develop and hire young people through mentoring, recruitment and more.

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youth-ready toolkits

access digital toolkits to boost your teams skills and access digital assets to add your youth verified® status to your job descriptions, ads and more. 

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youth group built the community of young people, so you don’t have to.

become youth verified® today.

£1988 + vat

enable 1.7million young people access to your brand and opportunities

youth verified® status and employer brand page lasts 18 months

build the trust contract with young people

join the uk's largest community of young people

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Global hearts, local minds

Enabling young people to thrive in today’s world.