Jack Parsons

UK's Chief Youth Officer.

Jack is a leading voice in youth advocacy, and he’s been named one of the UK’s kindest leaders by the financial times.

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Who is
Jack Parsons?

Jack started Youth Group to enable millions of young people to access jobs, skills and mentors which has become one of the UK's largest youth communities. With over 12 million weekly social media engagements he’s also known as The UK's Chief Youth Officer—a public figure that champions the interests of all young people across the country.
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Rishi Sunak
Prime Minister at UK Government

"Your passion jack, for youth employment generally is truly inspiring."

UK Prime Minister
Amanda Blanc
Group Chief Executive Officer at Aviva PLC

"Great conversation Jack, about young people and their ambitions. know that you will continue to go from strength to strength"

Matt Brittin
President EMEA at Google

"Thanks jack for the coffee and conversation - helping young people thrive in a more digital world is a vital goal we share. Thanks for inviting me to connect with you and your community"

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Jack's roles & commitments

Jack is a young entrepreneur and was named top 15 young people to watch along with being listed as young digital leader of the year. Jack believes to be a great entrepreneur, you need to build a team that has more skills than you do.

Jack is known has the UK's Chief Youth Officer, working with government officials, businesses and young people to bridge the gap between all stakeholders. The community reach is 1.7 million members strong, and we've put over 95,000 young people into work through our programs—all with an eye towards sustainability and building confidence as well as careers for young people.

Jack is a engaging and unique speaker with interesting insights around the modern world of work, youth, marketing and politics. Jack has been interviewed on national TV from BBC to Sky news, on stage at Aviva to Salesforce and on radio from LBC to Virgin. With over 350 stages, radio and panels Jack is focused on making each engagement full of fun, engaging and insightful.

Jack sits on several boards across government, private and not-for-profit brands. This includes as an international advisor to the New Zealand Government, one of the 6 official ambassadors for homelessness with Big Issues Group, on the advisory board for Co-op group and is non executive director for the Lord Mayor of London's apprenticeship company Association of Apprentices and Brand Partnership Group.

Young people need motivation and want to get inspired but lack inspiration from real models that are everyday people rather than celebrities that are out of reach. This multi-platform youthcast season does just that. This youthcast is a non-commercial project sharing advice from leaders who have been there and done it. Jack meets with interesting industry leaders and talks about what makes them flip the duvet in the morning.


Named LinkedIn's Top Voice for Youth
Named Top 50 UK's kindest leaders
Named Young Digital Leader of the Year
Named Top 15 Young People to Watch
Named A Face of a Vibrant Economy

Why Jack cares deeply
about young people.

Growing up in a single parent household with a mother who was an alcoholic and being from a social mobility background Jack found it tough growing up.
A lot of setbacks and a lot of no’s when he entered the world of work so this made Jack decide to do something about it and have committed his twenties to enabling young people to thrive.
Kind, real, and people-oriented. These three words describe Jack's values and the way he approaches his work.
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Jack's impact.
  • 12 million
    monthly engagements Jack gets online
  • 1 million
    Youth Jack has impacted
  • 230+
    Public speaking engagements Jack has completed

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