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Jack Parsons

How to find your duvet flip

Because you can't make your dreams come true by lying in bed.

About this book

This book will support and inspire young people entering the world of work on how to find your duvet flip. The focus is to inspire and educate the next generation of business leaders with brilliantly accessible lessons from Jack Parsons, known as the UK’s Chief Youth Officer.

This book is unique in being aimed at those just entering the world of work, is written in Jack’s unique tone of voice, and also features some of the biggest entrepreneurs and business leaders sharing their own story.

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How to find your duvet flip aims to inspire and educate the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders: to give them the tools, self-belief, and motivation to not only be successful in the modern and ever-changing world of work, but also to go on to thrive in a fair, sustainable and meaningful way.

Along the way, we will learn about the challenges Jack faced and overcame: his tough upbringing in a single parent household, the lack of support and opportunity he received at school, and his mental health journey. Young people everywhere will be inspired by how Jack has now risen to being founder and leader of a multi-million pound company that makes a difference to the lives of young people everywhere.

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