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Reimagining youth employment
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We make it easier for young people ages 18 to 30 to find jobs and gain real-world experience that will help them develop skills they'll need in their careers.


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Ranked among the top 25 startups in the UK in 2023.

We're a company on a mission to reimagine youth employment. When we founded the company, we had a dream: to build a platform where young people can get the guidance and support they need to find their passion and make it into a career.

We had to build our own products and solutions from scratch because the market lacks innovation—we are creating something that changes lives for the better, and helps people grow as individuals, as well as professionally. We're an ecosystem for growth and self-discovery, rooted in trust and authenticity.

Meet youth employers that look after you

We're talking about youth employers, who are committed to giving young people the support they need to succeed.

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Earn money that funds your lifestyle

The only thing standing between you and the life of means is a little self-confidence and job link.

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Know and learn from the better mentors

We've curated an incredible lineup of mentors for you each month, with experts on everything from leadership strategies to marketing.

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Reimagining youth employment

Kind words from our youth

Absolutely Superb!

Youth Group helped put me in touch with just the right mentor for me to get started.

Community member

Mentoring is cool!

I was presented with the opportunity to be matched with a mentor that would help me in areas I felt like I needed more guidance.

Community member

Good work!!!!

The mentoring program was really helpful. I had the chance to speak with someone who was working in a company that I had recently applied.

Community member

Key to unlock a whole universe

You've got the power to do great things, and we're here to help you get started.