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Leon Marseglia

Young entrepreneur, curious about youth employment, technology and scalable outcomes that make lives better.

Key achievements

Led Youth Group to be awarded top 25 Start-ups in the UK

Under Leon's leadership, Youth Group achieved recognition as one of the top 25 startup companies in the UK out of thousands of contenders. In just 12 months, Leon successfully propelled Youth Group from its previous ranking of 98 to join the elite group of top-performing startups.

Led Youth Group to be awarded best online youth community

Under Leon's exceptional leadership in the community function, Youth Group has achieved the remarkable milestone of becoming the premier youth online community across the United Kingdom.

Named young innovator of the year

As Young Innovator of the Year, Leon's visionary thinking and exceptional contributions have not only propelled him to the forefront of the youth community. His dedication to finding innovative solutions to complex challenges and his relentless pursuit of creating a better future for young individuals have made him a true role model.

Leon's current work

Leon, a young entrepreneur, takes charge of overseeing the day-to-day operations of Youth Group. In addition to his full-time commitment to running Youth Group, he also serves as a youth advisor for various brands ranging from beauty companies to the Metropolitan Police.

Chief Operating Officer,
Youth Group

Youth Group is a youth-first company Accelerating youth with tomorrow's skills and today's jobs. It’s become one of the largest youth group’s in the country and supported over 105,000 young people find some form of meaningful employment.

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MET Police

The Metropolitan Police Service, commonly known as the Met Police or Scotland Yard, is the police force responsible for law enforcement in Greater London, England. It is one of the largest police services in the United Kingdom

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My Duvet Flip Podcast

The podcast, My Duvet Flip, has successfully empowered a staggering 9 million individuals by inspiring young people to start their day with enthusiasm and achieve personal growth. Its primary objective is to motivate listeners to embrace a positive mindset and thrive in their daily lives.

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