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Jack Parsons

An influential figure and advocate in the areas of youth employment, workplace skills, mental health, and financial stability.

Key achievements

Named UK's kindest leader by Financial Times

Kindness & Leadership, 50 Leading Lights campaign seeks to shine a great big spotlight on leaders who are impacting others through kindness. This award is a unique chance to build a new status quo, sharing advice and expertise from leaders and recognising the contribution of kind leaders to business, the economy and society.

Digital leader of the year by Lloyds Banking Group

This category recognises the extraordinary achievements of young people aged 16-30 in the digital transformation space. This award is for a young individual whose actions in the past year have made them stand out as a leader in the transformation of their sector. In its first year Jack won this award and set the foundation for other leaders to come forward and be part of doing great digital work in the world.

Named a face of a vibrant economy by Grant Thorntons

Global advisory firm Grant Thornton have chosen 100 people each year from across the UK, who they believe represent the best in ‘innovation, growth and purpose’. ‘Faces of a Vibrant Economy’ recognises the commitment of these people and their contribution to developing an economy that enables people, organisations and communities to flourish.

Jack's current work

Jack is a youthful entrepreneur who holds the positions of a youth ambassador and fulfils several external responsibilities across the private, government, and charity sectors.

Chief Executive Officer,
Youth Group

Youth Group is a youth-first company Accelerating youth with tomorrow's skills and today's jobs. It’s become one of the largest youth group’s in the country and supported over 105,000 young people find some form of meaningful employment.

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Board Advisor,

The Co-op Group, also known as the Co-operative Group, a £11.5 billion British pounds revenue  is the British consumer cooperative. It is one of the largest retail and commercial enterprises in the United Kingdom, with a diverse range of businesses operating in sectors such as food, insurance, legal services, and energy.

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Official Ambassador,
The Big Issue

The Big Issue Group is a social enterprise based in the United Kingdom. It is best known for publishing The Big Issue magazine, a street newspaper sold by homeless and vulnerable individuals to earn a legitimate income and supported over 100,000 vendors to earn £144M.

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My Duvet Flip podcast

The podcast, My Duvet Flip, has successfully empowered a staggering 9 million individuals by inspiring young people to start their day with enthusiasm and achieve personal growth. Its primary objective is to motivate listeners to embrace a positive mindset and thrive in their daily lives.

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Board advisor,
Brand Partnership Group

Brand Partnership Group, the UK based multi-agency enterprise that specialises in commercial brand partnerships and brand engagement partnerships. It employs 500 people and has an annual turnover of £35 million.

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Board advisor,
Association of apprentices

The Association of Apprentices (AoA) is a not-for-profit, membership organisation created for apprentices across the UK. Members gain access to a dedicated online-networking platform, apprentice-tailored events, and off-the-job learning. Led by apprentices, AoA understands that they often miss the social experience and peer support network offered by traditional education routes.

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