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A youth-tech company, made for young people.

Youth Group is the freshest for-profit entity using it's youth-technology for young people and companies to profit together.

3 quick facts

Youth industry

155 ambassadors

22 nationalities

A world where young people say:
"I'm proud to work"

We are reimagining youth employment.

Our purpose is to reimagine youth employment for young people in the UK. We believe there is not enough of the right support for young people and that needs to change. Starting with how the youth industry is approached.

Our values behaviours

Our story

Youth Group was founded in London to support young people into work.


November 2019

Youth Group supports 100 young people into work

First 100 youth helped

December 2019

Youth Group launches national wide mentoring programme.

Launch of mentoring

January 2020

Youth Group successfully gets 100,000 young people into work.

100,000 youth into work

January 2023
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Message from co-founders

With both of our upbringings having different challenges in different ways, we decided we wanted to do something so no young professional ever felt left behind or forgotten. We started with just wanting to help 100 young people and now our company has started to disrupt the whole industry.

Our purpose partners

Our social partner.

Big Issue and Youth Group have partnered to tackle the skills gap in the UK for young people, focusing on homelessness prevention.

Our Locations

Youth House: 33 Cannon St, London EC4M 5SB

Office: 71–75 Shelton St, London WC2H 9JQ

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