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Who we are

The Youth Group is a youth first business that provides young people across the world with the tools they really need to get ahead and grow in work. On the flip side we also help enterprise, government and education to meaningfully engage, recruit and support youth.


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Youth Engage

Youth Engage youth is a marketing and insight service to help enterprises understand how young people think about work and connect our community of socially diverse young people (who are already work-aware) with their brand and touch points.

Youth Recruit

Youth Recruit is a youth recruitment service to help enterprises identify, match and onboard the most relevant young people for their open vacancies, meaningful work experience placements, and apprenticeship schemes. This is under-pinned by our vast database of young people where we collect a unique profile and various data attributes to save businesses precious time in pre-qualification.

Youth Support

Youth Support is a training and development service to help enterprises retain and grow their best young people. We help enterprises create the right paths for young people, ensuring that employers invest in the right places to support emerging leaders into what we call “Future Players” - future leaders. We also help organisations re-imagine their purpose, culture, wellness and incentive strategy to attract and earn loyalty from the young person over the long term.

Youth Verified

Youth Verified is a digital certification solution that helps companies to benchmark their efforts when it comes to young people, improve on activities and engage with young people more meaningfully.


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With our global community of


we have already changed the future for 90,432 young people.

We support all young people who are:

18-30 years old

entering the world of work

looking for hope, skills & opportunity

needs help with overcoming a barrier in life

Companies that work with us

Enterprises of all shapes and sizes need greater guidance too. Here are some of our partner enterprises that have already shown commitment to young people and are attracting great talent from around the world.

We believe every young person should have the chance to ‘make it’ in whatever they want to do in life - in a world where no one is left behind.

Jack Parsons

Chief Executive Officer