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the youth super-app

for all young people aged 18-30.


youth-first experiences,
only on youth space®

youth space® is on a mission to create 100 million youth wins for young people by 2040.

time for you to start winning with jobs, money, mentors and skills .

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struggling to navigate the world of work?

youth space® makes it easy to stay focused on your ambitions and goals. no fluffy stuff!

(okay maybe a fluffy duvet because they are cosy)

created for young people to win.

jobs, mentors,
money and skills.
all in one place for youth.

apply for jobs on a platform where employers don’t ghost you.

skip the "not knowing which career path will work" and connect with mentors to build your professional network.

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learn, grow and save with money powers
in perfect har-money.

build a new skill,
any day of the week
made just for you, #unique.

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save time.
full confidence.
zero judgement.

opportunity for
every youth
at every stage.

youth space® creates a safe place for you to find all the motivation you need to succeed at speed.

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feeling lost and overwhelmed?


youth space® gives you opportunity to grow your confidence, experience and employability at zero cost.

(yes this is literally free for all young people… full stop.)

dislike being rejected by employers who don’t give feedback?

us too. not cool.

we don’t reject young people.

we redirect you to the right opportunities more suited for you.

all in one place,
here on youth

join the uk's largest community of young people.

questions? answers.