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Join the UK’s largest community of young people, enterprises and governments to enable young people to access jobs, skills and mentors.

With hundreds of enterprises connecting, hiring and developing
with The Youth Group.

The Youth Group has landed.

Here’s what real impact looks like...

1.7 million

community of youth


youth enabled with work


corporate partners

25 million

unique insights

Our Mission:

To be the largest youth brand, connecting young people with real opportunities.

Our Solutions

Opportunity to create sustainability.

Getting young people to a stage from playing the video game, to creating the video game #programming.

Enterprise Success

Connect, hire and develop young people in a meaningful way.

Not your average youth company.

Reasons why companies say, I do

1.7 million community

We’ll give youth all the support and tools so they can do a terrific job and be their absolute best.

Tangible outcomes

We understand what gets measured gets done. We create tangible outcomes that results in long-term sustainability and impact.

Data-led insight

We hold insight on all our young people to build profiles of their interest, wants and needs for you to connect with them meaningfully.

Hiring at speed

We mobilse young people to your active opportunities and provide youth-first hiring approaches for maximum engagement and outcomes.

Access diverse talent

Our mission is to leave no one behind by providing equal opportunity for all young people regardless their backgrounds.

Commercial alignment

We’re not a charity so it lets us align your strategy and business commitments both commerically and socially to all deliverables and outcomes.

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Our focus is to...

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Connect, hire and develop young people in a meaningful way