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Engage, hire and develop youth

A diverse community of micro groups totalling 1.7 million young people who are looking for opportunities at companies that care.

Trusted by 742+
companies that care

1.7 million diverse members

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Just for clarity, companies pay a monthly fee, meaning youth navigate for free.

Youth Space provides companies the benefit of unlimited access to ready-to-work young people across the UK.

How it works

Founded and run by 18-30 year olds.

How we work with companies

Companies need more youth in their workforce.

Hiring young people brings benefit such as innovation, diversity, cost-effectiveness and potential for future leadership, as well as a fresh perspective and valuable insights into younger demographics.

Who works with us

Why companies partner

average recruitment fee savings.
*based on 5 hires
more vetted and diverse youth put forward to each role.
per month, saved per employee on your youth strategy and activity.
increase in young people engaging with your brand touch-points.

Everything happens on Youth Space.

Empower the next generation from diverse, social mobility and underrepresented communities. Demonstrate your commitment and provide young people with the chance to thrive at your company.

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Engage youth

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Whether your looking to hire 1 or 1,000 young people, our jobs feature allows you to promote and hire diverse young people at speed.


An all-in-one insights hub where you can see the diversity make-up of young people applying to your opportunities to ensure you're creating a diverse early talent workforce.


Measure what matters with Youth Space easy-to-use tracker for all things, talent, interviews, engagement and more. You can filter, export, and drill-down on the data in a couple clicks.

Develop youth


Develop your teams and young people with access to micro-mentoring on Youth Space. Have your teams become mentors, showcased on your company profile for young people to meet virtually and gain career advice.

reported higher retention rate compared to companies without mentoring in place.
reported increased fulfilment and happiness from workforce after mentoring.
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