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Access, hire and mentor youth.

A youth company that provides companies access to connect to a community of 1.7 million work-ready young people.

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Human-first service that connects your company with talented young people.

Youth Marketing

Build both internal and external youth participation and engagement with our multifunctional youth brand builder! Our solution includes everything from preparing your campaigns to putting your brand touch-points in front of young people, ensuring maximum impact and engagement.

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Increased engagement


Youth brand visibility


Youth Advisory

Get expert support and advice on achieving diversity, equity, and inclusion with your youth strategy or campaigns. Our team of youth experts will help your company become youth ready and giving you the competitive edge in today's market by revolutionising your approach to young people.

Youth strategy session
Youth ready managers toolkits and training
Creative workshop
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Youth Verified

Attract top young talent with Youth Verified. We provide recommendations, a detailed report, and a premium profile to showcase your commitment to diversity and inclusion with young people. Improve your employer brand and receive insights on what young people seek in an employer.

Company profile
Verification assessment
Youth Verified report and recommendations
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Youth Campaigns

Youth Campaigns (Direct Marketing) is for companies looking to attract the right young people quickly and efficiently. Our team ensures that campaigns reach young people everywhere, not just somewhere, with targeted digital communications. We fast-track and turnaround quick campaigns, your company can connect with the young people in no time.

Event management
Youth reach campaign
Community development and management
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Youth Recruitment

Youth Recruitment helps companies attract and select the best young talent for their workforce. Our comprehensive suite of services, from youth attraction to onboarding support, revolutionises your youth recruitment strategy.

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Youth Attraction

Revolutionise your youth recruitment strategy with our cutting-edge youth attraction. Our easy to use services, including sourcing, job posting, pre-employment screening, and digital youth profiles, enable companies to attract and engage with the best young talent in the market.

Youth sourcing with digital profiles
Job posting management
Pre-employment screening
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Youth Selection & Interview

Identify and select the best young talent for your workforce. Our assessment centre provides a comprehensive evaluation of each candidate, enabling companies to make data-driven decisions about who to bring onboard. We take care of the rest to make sure young people have a great experience with your brand. Companies can streamline their selection process and identify the best young talent quickly and efficiently.

Pre interview setup and management
Recruitment and assessment
Feedback and redirections sessions
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Youth coach

Companies can effectively onboard and support young talent in their workforce. From onboarding support to aftercare, our support enables companies to develop and retain top young talent. Our shortlist put forward service provides companies with a curated list of top young talent, ensuring that they can make informed decisions about who to bring onboard.

Pre-boarding and onboarding
Financial wellbeing sessions
Talent retention sessions
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Youth Mentoring

Youth Mentoring gives the ability for companies to engage and inspire their employees to become advocates for social mobility, youth development and volunteering their time to give advice to a young person starting out in their career. Designed to help companies make a positive impact on the youth while also gaining a competitive edge in the market.

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Employee fulfilment


Positive impact on profits


Youth Academy

Our in-person and digital sessions provide comprehensive training to mentors interested in mentoring young people. Mentors Academy is designed to help companies effectively introduce mentoring to their teams and unlock the potential of the next generation of leaders. With our Mentors Academy, companies can gain a competitive edge in the market by developing their talent and contributing to social impact.

Mentor profiles and onboarding
Mentors training session
Mentoring toolkits and videos
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Youth Sessions

Youth Sessions offers virtual mentoring sessions for employees and young people, providing valuable career advice and employment guidance. These 25 to 30-minute sessions are designed to inspire and motivate teams to get involved in social mobility initiatives, enabling companies to make a positive impact on young people while also gaining a competitive edge in the market.

Flexible scheduling for mentors
Unlimited monthly mentoring sessions
Unlimited monthly mentoring accounts
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Youth Impact

Youth Impact offers a comprehensive solution for companies to monitor and assess the effectiveness of their youth-focused initiatives through our Volunteering Tracker. By leveraging our human-first service and technology, companies can easily track employee volunteerism and measure social impact, all while boosting employee engagement and retention. With Youth Impact, companies can make a meaningful difference in the lives of young people and their communities while it allows employees to develop leadership skills and gain a sense of fulfilment from helping others.

Individual mentoring feedback and impact report
Monthly diversity impact report
Manager dashboard
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All youth must meet our 'ABCD' requirements.


All our young people must have the right attitude before we connect them to your company.

Be ready

Young people must show they have relevant experience or skills applicable in the workplace.


All young people must display a level of curiosity about the industry, company, and role.

Digital skills

All young people should be able to have basic knowledge of digital skills to use in the workplace.

Founded and run by 18-30 year olds.

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Youth members


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Youth we support

Our support extends to individuals aged 18 to 30 throughout the UK, with a focus on their stage of barrier in life.

Students and Graduates

Students and graduates are individuals pursuing or having completed their education, seeking to enter the workforce or advance their careers. They require opportunities to gain experience and build their professional networks for a successful transition from education to employment.

View demographics

Underemployed Youth

Underemployed youth are employed but not utilising their full skills or potential, often in low-wage or part-time jobs. This can lead to financial strain and limited career advancement. Addressing underemployment is essential for promoting economic growth and improving well-being.

View demographics

Hard to reach youth

Hard-to-reach youth are young people who are challenged to engage in traditional outreach programs due to a lack of trust, trauma, poverty, or other barriers. Specialised and personalised approaches are necessary to meet their needs and ensure access to necessary support.

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What we offer as your youth partner

Experience our flexible monthly subscriptions with tailored solutions, dedicated support, and cancel-anytime freedom!

Cancel anytime

We've made it as easy as possible to deliver on your youth strategy. Cancel anytime, no long-term commitments. We take all the heavy lifting of marketing, recruiting or mentoring youth.

Account manager

Our team of youth experts support you at each step, from getting started to engaging and retaining young people across all your youth brand touch-points.

Quality not quantity

Whatever your youth ambitions are, we deliver the highest quality of diverse, talented youth from across the UK, towards your opportunities.

Skilled, work-ready young people

We continue to support companies looking to attract the best young, work-ready talent, from grads, apprentices, interns and everything in between.

Our founders

Meet the two young entrepreneurs creating a positive impact by helping young individuals secure employment opportunities while building a sustainable and profitable enterprise.

Just for clarity, companies pay a monthly fee, meaning youth navigate for free.

Youth Space provides companies the benefit of unlimited access to ready-to-work young people across the UK.

Who works with us

Why companies partner

average recruitment fee savings.
*based on 5 hires
more vetted and diverse youth put forward to each role.
per month, saved per employee on your youth strategy and activity.
increase in young people engaging with your brand touch-points.