Build network and understand how to engage, develop and hire young people more effectively in your business.

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What is an employer
breakfast session?

An employer breakfast session is a diverse group of brilliant business minds that come together with a special appearance from UK's Chief Youth Officer talk about how we as a community, can create initiatives and make specific pledges to open up new opportunities for young people.
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Jack Parsons.

Jack is a leading voice in youth advocacy, and he’s been named one of the UK’s kindest leaders by the financial times.Jack started Youth Group to enable millions of young people to access jobs, skills and mentors which has become one of the UK's largest youth communities.

With over 12 million weekly social media engagements he’s also known as The UK's Chief Youth Officer—a public figure that champions the interests of all young people across the country.

Jack is an international advisor to the New Zealand Government, one of the 6 official ambassadors for homelessness with Big Issues Group, sits on the advisory board for co-op group and is non executive director for the lord mayor of London's apprenticeship company association of apprentices.

Attend a session

The session that empowers leaders to support youth.

Brand Building
Enhancing your youth brand both internally and externally with participants.
Youth Insight
Learn from UK's Chief Youth Officer on the issues and solutions to the youth employment challenge.
Grow Network
Network with senior leaders from business, government and public services across the nation.

Building on
our success.

The Sessions
* Breakfast sessions hosted so far
The Participation
* Guests attended breakfast sessions
The Impact
  • 5,677
    * Youth pledges made by leaders
  • 92%
    * Attendance rate
  • 18,000
    * Youth supported through sessions
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Upcoming Sessions


Welcome with Leon Marseglia
Introductions (who's in the room)
Keynote speaker
UK's Chief Youth Officer
Open conversation with Andrew Leaver
Action, pledges and networking


“I really enjoyed the session, I thought the team was very professional and did an excellent job bringing people together.”

“Just good to have these conversations and be part of a movement promoting change for good with young people.”

“The different perspectives on the challenges young people face around the table was very refreshing. Jack is also a brilliant, energetic facilitator for the meetings and leader for the organisation.”


Where do they take place?

Our next session will take place in London. We've carefully selected a private room for you and your team. We ask that all guests attend in person and avoid using conference technology, as this really gives everyone the opportunity to connect in person.

How long does each session last?

Each session lasts for 1 hour and 30 minutes and takes place in the morning at 9:00 to 10:30.

What type of youth pledges are made?

Our pledges are a chance for each guest to make a commitment to their community. We welcome pledges of all sizes and encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to support your local youth employment program.

How many guests attend each breakfast session?

We have a lot of fun during our sessions! There are around 10 guest that attend each session along with 4 people from Youth Group's team and a keynote speaker.

How much does it cost to attend a session?

It's absolutely free to attend!

Each session is covered by a fantastic partner so we can make these sessions happen.